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  • Hi

    I’ve split my blog in two. I now have a small link blog which is basically a category that lists things I find interesting, and a normal blog which has everything else in it.

    I worked out that I can have the feed for just the link category using

    But I now want to have a feed for all the other categories. This works ( but isn’t good for permalinkiness (is that a real word? I’m thinking no)

    So, any ideas how I can change the link above so that it looks nice and pretty like my othr feed links?

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  • In each file for the feeds you’re supporting (wp-rss.php, wp-rss2.php, wp-rdf-php and wp-atom.php), locate at the top where wp-blog-header.php is included:


    Right before that line, insert these two:

    if(!(isset($_GET['category_name'])) && ('links' == $_GET['category_name']))

    This will allow you to use your syndication urls as you normally do, but exclude the “link” category from the feed unless specifically linked to.

    So doing that I can use the link mentioned above?

    That’s cool. I’m not keen on modifying the source code (not because i can’t but because it makes upgrading awkward). I think I am going to see if a plugin is possible before I do this. I was intending to have a go at writing plugins anyway so this could be interesting 🙂

    Actually reading through that again the category will never be set to -4. You’re checking that the category isn’t set and the links = the category name. Neither will be true at the same time though…?

    The logic of the code (if I had written it down correctly the first time; the line above will probably cause an error):

    If the following is *not* true: ‘category_name’ is a query and ‘links’ is the value of category_name -> make $cat equal -4. So if there’s no category_name query, or if there is but it equals something other than ‘links’, the statement will be true.

    Here’s a corrected version of my hasty coding above:

    if(!(isset($_GET['category_name']) && 'links' == isset($_GET['category_name'])))

    Ah – That makes more sense.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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