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    This plugin saved me to on a website redesign that I made on my local computer. When moving it back online, most of the media disappeared.

    Only, I was using a plugin that made a optimized webp file and those are showing up on the files (and with all the thumbnail sizes) that made the process a little more tedious. It would be nice to be able to avoid them too.

    Thank you!!

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  • Plugin Author erolsk8


    Hey @taisa1984 thanks for the feedback. Could you please let me know which plugin you used? So I can check which files it creates.

    Because this plugin should skip those thumbnails. At lease those created by WordPress – files ending with for example -100×100.jpg or some other extension with 3 or 4 characters, here is the regex for that: /[_-]\d+x\d+(?=\.[a-z]{3,4}$)/im



    I am using Imagify that creates files with .jpg.webp extension.

    I wanted to make it easier for me to really link and clean the media, so I tried to edit the code, added this and it worked for me to MediaSync.class.php. 🙂

    // Only file name
    $file_name = $file->getFilename();
    // If it contains image size at the end (i.e. -100x100.jpg)
    $is_thumb = preg_match('/[_-]\d+x\d+(?=\.[a-z]{3,4}$)/im', $file_name) == true;
    <strong>//Check if it is a .webp file
    $is_webp=preg_match('/webp/i', $file_name) == true;</strong>
    if ($obj_rdi->isDot() || $file_name == ".DS_Store" || $file_name == ".htaccess" || $file_name == "index.php" || $is_thumb <strong>|| $is_webp)</strong> {
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    • This reply was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by taisa1984.
    Plugin Author erolsk8


    Hi @taisa1984, I just pushed a new version (1.1.3) which accepts custom hook function to overwrite or improve which files are ignored.

    I wrote an example that you can add to your theme’s functions.php file or wherever it works for you.
    And your regex will actually skip all files containing “webp” text, so not just as an extension. And I guess you also don’t want to skip actual .webp files, but only those which are optimized (e.g. .jpg.webp). So I tweaked that regex a bit 🙂

     * Overwrite Media Sync plugin rules for skipping scanned files or folders.
     * File/folder contains:
     * $fileOrFolder->getFilename()
     * $fileOrFolder->getPathname())
     * $fileOrFolder->isDir())
     * Should return bool value.
     * @param boolean $is_ignored Default rules for this file/folder (skipping thumbnails, index.php, hidden files, etc.)
     * @param RecursiveDirectoryIterator $fileOrFolder Each scanned file/folder
     * @return boolean
    function my_custom_media_sync_additional_file_skip($is_ignored, $fileOrFolder)
        $name = $fileOrFolder->getFilename();
        // Check if it is optimized .webp file
        $is_optimized_webp = preg_match('/.[a-z]{3,4}.webp/i', $file_name) == true;
        // Already ignored files or webp
        return $is_ignored || $is_optimized_webp;
    add_filter('media_sync_filter_is_scan_object_ignored', 'my_custom_media_sync_additional_file_skip', 10, 3);

    Hope this will help until there are proper options for this. Please let me know if it works 🙂


    Hi! Thanks for trying.

    I was managing with the code I pasted before fine. Only I had to make it on batches from 5 or 10. I think it had problems with the largest files and PNG, some of them only worked on importing them 1 at a time. But maybe it was something on my server.

    Anyway I just tried with your code and didn’t work, the .jpg.webp files still showed, and also it loaded the interface quite slow.

    I am now almost done. It was a really great help anyway. Thanks!

    Plugin Author erolsk8


    Oh ok, too bad it didn’t work perfectly for you, but I’m glad you figure it out.
    So I’m close this topic for now and we can open it if needed.

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