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  • GoodThinking


    I decided to give this plugin a try based on some online reviews (apparently, shills) that every feature in this plugin implemented by the developer was not accidental. And that, the developer is a “legend” in the wordpress community. That might be, but let’s keep this focused on giving a real review on this plugin.

    I wasted time to figure out how this worked to find out in the end it has very limited, if any, usability.

    The idea behind this is interesting however its implementation is lacking. We tried the following:
    created a free subscription only
    anyone registering through this plugin’s register page gets instant access to the restricted content

    Before you jump to say this is the whole purpose of this plugin intends to do, let’s see the flaws.

    We do not want just anyone or any user to register and get free access to the content. This is why we looked for and found a user moderation plugin which allows to keep newly registered users in pending registration stage while limiting their access to the restricted content until confirmed by the admin.

    The problem is that Restrict Content plugin does not obey this requirement and this plugin creates a breach in the user management system allowing users to still have access to the content despite not being approved/confirmed.

    Also, upon removing the plugin, the following tables were not deleted from the database:
    – _rcp_discounts
    – _rcp_payments
    – _restrict_content_pro

    Currently looking at Press Permit Pro, maybe that plugin is really worth what they are asking for, this one not so much.

    I would happily change my rating if the developer would suggest a solution.

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  • Plugin Author mordauk


    Hi there GoodThinking,

    Thank you for the review and the feedback, but a couple of notes:

    1. You are referring to Restrict Content Pro, a commercial plugin sold through my website: – “Restrict Content” is a free plugin here on Restrict Content (the plugin you have left this review on) does not include any user registration, discounts, or anything of that nature. That’s all part of Restrict Content Pro.

    The only purpose of Restrict Content (this free plugin) is to restrict content to specific user levels. It does not handle user registration, moderation, or anything of the like.

    2. Please consider opening support tickets in the future before you post a negative review. Often times there is a very simple solution to the issue and I am always more than willing to assist in finding that solution.


    I would happily change my rating if the developer would suggest a solution.

    Don’t black mail me or anyone else. That kind of behavior can get blocked from these forums.

    4. Get in touch with me via and I will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase of Restrict Content Pro.



    I am not sure how I blackmailed you in any way.

    I asked a simple question and in order to rectify any misunderstandings on my behalf, I tried to be friendly by saying that if the bugs are not there, I will happily change my rating.

    Since you did see this as a blackmailing, please disregard my comment. My apologies. This implied that my rating stays the same.

    Your plugin fails in the features I described: when creating a subscription, the newly created user still has access to content until log off despite being manually deleted in the database.

    Luckily, we installed this in a test environment so no harm done only a huge waste of our time.

    As far as user blocking goes, please go ahead and enforce the free speech censorship.

    Plugin Author mordauk


    Let me clarify: providing a rating but then saying “fix this for me and I’ll give you a good rating” is extortion (said blackmail earlier incorrectly). The proper way to handle that kind of scenario is to reach out to the developer (me in this case) and ask for help. If the developer is able to help you, great! If not, feel free to leave a bad rating. Going straight to a bad rating and demanding assistance in order to get a good rating is extremely poor form and not something we tolerate on



    I understand your point however I am not sure you understood mine.
    I did not ask you to fix anything in exchange for a good rating. I posted an observation I noted while being requested to install and configure your plugin. A client bought your plugin without asking for any suggestions as to what they were trying to accomplish. I put personal time in configuring your plugin (no payment) and, in the end, I noted a strange behavior in relation to wordpress, specifically a deleted user given permission to read restricted content through your plugin would still be able to see it until the session was closed (browser closed or logs off). More, your plugin appears to ignore other user management solutions designed to manage user permissions, for e.g., approve them before they are able to see the content.

    I made the recommendation to move to a different solution and I came here to discuss my observation.

    To cover all bases, I did not want to leave you with a bad rating if my observations were incorrect. Therefore, I said I would be willing to change my rating if proven incorrect.

    Since nobody pays me to fix less than satisfactory paid plugins, I saw no reason to contact the developer directly for a “fix”.

    I hope this clarifies my position in respect to your work. If I were you, I would go ahead and address the issue and not get defensive in this medium. As a matter of fact, I provided you with a bug you did not see, and I did this again for free.

    In all, I want to make other users aware of the above issues and I believe this qualifies as good netizen behavior anywhere, and including this forum.

    Plugin Author mordauk


    I would happily change my rating if the developer would suggest a solution.

    That can’t be interpreted any other way.

    Things like this are very simple: always ask for help first. You may be surprised, but developers are usually very happy to help answer questions and address concerns . . . unless you try and force them to by first leaving a bad rating and say “help me and I’ll give you a good one”.

    Note: you did still review the wrong plugin. You reviewed the free Restrict Content plugin, not Restrict Content Pro.

    It’s also important to remember that there are nearly 50,000 plugins for WordPress so it’s impossible to ensure compatibility with every one of them. The specific feature that you mentioned (moderating users) is provided by a separate plugin. Having a conflict between two plugins is not a flaw, it’s an incompatibility. One that would be nice to have improved, definitely, but it’s impossible to know about every incompatibility with the other 49,999 plugins.

    I have no issues with you leaving a well-founded bad rating, just please make sure you have reached out to the developer first and also make sure that you have actually left it on the proper plugin.

    I was going to try this plugin after reading Chris’s multiple reviews of so many plugins, but have to say Pippin he wasn’t blackmailing you he just wanted a solution for something he paid for and coincidently I needed that feature too!

    Appears-Appears he did not pay for this plugin. This plugin is free.

    I was going to try this plug-in, but after reading the attitude and position of the developer- I have changed my mind. This by the way, is NOT blackmail, extortion, or any other word you can think of to explain your very unprofessional behavior. In my opinion, your views are unacceptable and someone I would never want to do business with.

    Thank you Good Thinking for bringing this to our attention. This is an aggravation I want no part of.

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