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  • I can’t give this a 5-star review although in many ways it is worth having one. It works for my needs, but I find it like other galleries somewhat annoying to use when you have extra info to add to the image.

    This gallery uses images only from the WordPress Media Gallery. Granted it does move the images into a folder under the year the gallery was created so it uses a separate image from what you originally uploaded and I do appreciate that. I don’t like galleries that just assume I want my images scattered around like WordPress does with it’s images. I like categories, I like to be organized and WordPress doesn’t do that well imho.

    However, once you’ve added an image you then have to click another button in the top left of the image to add info such as captions, descriptions, title, links, etc and it can be confusing because it uses the same window that WordPress does making it hard to know which url you should put a link in since you also have to contend with the WP Media Gallery link also.

    I’d also like to see a better gallery structure allowing sub-galleries or albums under the same gallery. In other words if I’m trying to feature my products in a gallery there is no ability to do anything like the following

    My Patterns

    Instead, you have to go with
    My Patterns-Christmas
    My Patterns-Easter

    For me, who always needs to add extra info to images having to open a page for each image is quite annoying. When you also use the _blank tag, the pull-down window sometimes sends it back to none, so you have to watch for that before you “close the window” with the insert media or save button.

    I’d rather see a page that just shows the images in one page, with the ability to add all the other info without having to open a popup window to do so thus saving me time to just move onto the next image to add info to.

    I do get the fact that you can move onto another image by leaving the popup window open just being sure your current image is saved, but if you are using older images, you have to “search” for them and I don’t like the idea that I risk losing that current image, so yes, I open and close for each image.

    I’ll note that I’ve used several Foo plugins for WordPress and even in Joomla I used them and have always liked them. They make a good quality plugin/extension for each content management script but I’d really love to see them improve this gallery so it’s more intuitive for the user and not the writer. Like the old saying… from the 90’s just because it’s easy for the scriptwriter doesn’t mean the person using it will find it easy also.

    Let me note also, that I switched to FooGallery because it has been around for many years and is updated often. I am finally tired of plugins where the writer abandons the project and this gallery isn’t Nexgen which I really disliked.

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