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  • I’ve been using the plugin for a while now on It does what it says, and it is very simple to setup and run.
    I only wish for a few simple features that could make it way, way better.
    There is no option for the user to close the bar.
    There are no stats to see whether users interact with the bar. Meaning, there’s no way for me to see what version (text) performs better.
    Very few customization options (only the color of the bar, but not the color of the button, or its form).

    I know some people mention what can you ask for in a free plugin? Well, I disagree with that statement, I think you can ask for a lot. Especially when free plugins are a platform to promote other (premium) plugins.

    Anyways, it case it sounds like a rant, it isn’t. I am using the plugin for some time now as I write the review, meaning, all in all, it’s simpleness and lightweight outweigh it’s shortages (to me), so all in all, I do recommend using the plugin, only hope for improvements on some pretty basic features.


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