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  • I thought it did exactly what it was supposed to do
    but then I loaded some catalog pages like the main shop page
    and items that are visible (above the fold) are not loaded and
    show a huge placeholder (bigger than the actual thumbnail)
    till you scroll past the items.

    Strange thing is that it doesn’t happen with the first item on
    the same row.

    So for example, my shop has 3 columns and multiple rows.
    row 1: images get loaded correctly (though the placeholder I probably
    need to choose with the same exact size as my thumbnails are shown on the
    front end since it’s still a bit ugly to first see a big placeholder, before
    you get the much smaller loaded thumbmail)

    row2, item 1: correct (like row 1)
    row2, item 2 and all other following items: not loaded, despite all being above
    the fold and clearly visible and at the same exact height as item 1

    Please have a look at this as I expect it’s a bug that can be easily solved.

    Otherwise, nice plugin.

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  • Plugin Contributor aibrean


    The plugin is designed to use the height/width of your shop catalog display settings. I haven’t had any issues with the placeholder image being larger and I’ve tested this both with the standard WordPress theme as well as a custom one (FoundationPress). Are you using a third party theme that has its own WooCommerce support? I’ve noticed this plugin can conflict with themes that have their own WooCommerce output methods.

    At the very least, I can’t look at what is happening in your case without seeing an example.


    Here’s a screenshot:

    A couple things though;
    – thumb size issue I can probably fix by creating custom placeholder
    images (which I want anyway, with a loading indication and some brand styling)
    and I think I have to do that anyways, since I’m not using square images
    (see screenshot), so even if your plugin was indeed able to put out the
    Woocommerce thumb settings, it would still have to crop these so I might as
    well do it myself and know I have the look and compression I want

    – the theme I’m using is a pretty common 1 from the WP depository; Optimizer
    (I do think it was overriding things because I noticed I didn’t have + and – boxes to increase the quantity – instead just the standard up/down arrows – nor multiple
    columns on my shop page initially. So I installed a plugin “WooCommerce Products Per Page” )

    – But that still leaves the strange behavior of not only failing to load
    images that are partially or fully in view, but doing it with the 2nd item and
    the rest of the row but not with the 1st item
    (as you can see in the screenshot, which in this case was even on the 1st row,
    contrary to what I wrote earlier that it only happens starting at the 2nd row).

    Both the theme and the plugin I use are widely used, so hopefully this can
    be fixed so it doesn’t come down to having to choose 1 over the other :/

    Plugin Contributor aibrean


    I would need to inspect with code. I can say I’ve used it with products per page without any issues either. Have you tried with a custom placeholder image to see if it works then?

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by aibrean.

    I can’t give access at this point but I don’t think
    that the lazy loading issue is solved once I have added correctly
    sized custom placeholders..

    That still seems an issue with the lazy loading plugin
    and/or WordPress’s strange way of never displaying shop/catalog page images
    with the settings you have (like I have 300x200px thumbnails as well
    as settings in Woocommerce, yet whatever I do,
    I’m getting 300px columns, which include the margins and therefore
    the images themselves are scaled to some strange size like 267px).

    Btw, regarding the size issue.
    I had a quick look with FF Inspector and the regular Woocommerce styling
    makes the thumbs and colums responsive (in %, not “px”) and doesn’t set a
    fixed width (something many have complained about as it
    means the width from your Woocommerce image display settings are often
    not what you get on the front end, regardless of correcly regenerated
    thumbs and enough space on your page to display the amount of columns set
    with the thumbnail width of the Woocommerce setting..)

    So since the placeholder that’s used right now is 450px and the width is
    set to 100% (within its own column), the result is that initially the
    placeholder will show at 100% of the column.

    In my case I found in 1 place in the default Woocommerce stylesheet
    that width is set to “auto” but in another to roughly 1/4th at
    22% (to get 4 columns, maybe that’s what the other plugin is doing).
    The ‘auto’ setting is overriding it so, that column size is at
    auto, which fills up the rest of the page, and with the image size set
    at 100% and a placeholder image that is itself 450px, you end up with
    a giant 450px placeholder showing (till you scroll past the item).

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