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  • I would give this plugin a higher rating because it’s actually very well crafted, however, it doesn’t support using post titles in the free version.

    While the default (free) ticker type might be adequate for many people, you must hard-code the items in your ticker. If you want to display recent post titles, that’s an add-on that costs money.

    TO THE DEVELOPER: I hope you’ll consider adding basic support for using post titles as an alternative to the default hard-coded ticker items. I do understand that advanced features like custom post type support, the ability to selectively choose categories, etc. are things that take your time and deserve to be paid for, but a basic post title display would make this much more useful for many WP users.

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  • Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    I’m sorry you feel this way (I really hate wasting your time too), but you understand you are complaining about a free product that I’ve spend numerous days & months of my life on. All extension examples (on my site) clearly have a buy button included on the pages. So, you could have realized this before you spent “your” valuable time poking around. If you really need the post title feature you can either figure out how to build your own extension to make that happen or you can shell out the enormous amount of $16 to buy it… Or you can hire a developer to make it for you and spend upwards of $300.

    While myself and many other WordPress developers enjoy distributing (some) products that we have spent our time and effort on for free, we also need to make money somehow. By no means do I feel like my product or website try to trick anybody into buying anything.

    I honestly don’t care about your rating and I’d rather have you not using my product. You can keep you exclamation points and uppercase entitled comments for someone else.

    Wow – and all I asked for was that you make it more *clear* that there are extensions that cost money.

    I have NO problem whatsoever with plugin developers earning a living and I OFTEN donate to plugin developers. I’m a coder myself and could have spent the 15 minutes I dicked around with your plugin to just write something simple myself, but I wanted an easy way for a client to update settings – but now I have to go to them and say “you need to spend a little money for this”. (they are a non-profit and I’m not charging them for my time, but neither do I want to go out of pocket for them – I need to earn a living too!

    When I browsed your documentation it shows that you can select custom post types BUT it did not clearly say that this was due to the addition of a pay-for extension.

    I’m just suggesting that you make that clear. That’s all. Maybe something super simple like a section in your description that says “Paid Extensions include:” and then list the stuff like the ability to specify a custom post type or use posts, etc…….then I would have looked at it, said “cool but I know they don’t have a budget for it” and moved on.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    If you would have phrased your request more like you first sentence in your last comment I wouldn’t have come across so harsh. The ongoing comments about you wasting your time (for 15 minutes), exclamation points and capital letters didn’t sit well with me.

    You are totally right and I apologize.

    I just get very frustrated when I find a (free) plugin that at first glance seems really great, only to find that to be truly useful it requires a paid/pro version or the purchase of add-ons.

    I don’t have an issue when the plugin I find has a clear description that outlines exactly what you get in the free version, and what features you get by upgrading. Then it’s up to me to decide how to proceed.

    And in this instance I looked at around a dozen plugins that do similar functions to yours – I was so excited when I finally found yours, then so disappointed when I realized that to get the post support required a paid add-on that I let my frustration get the better of me. I am sorry.

    I’m upgrading my rating by another star – I DO think yours is a very good plugin, to earn 5 it would have to at least support posts (even if CPTs and/or the ability to select categories are a paid add-on) because otherwise someone has to manually update the ticker to change the content.

    I also modified the wording of my initial review to remove my frustration, which didn’t belong.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    Thank you for the apology, and I apologize as well… I normally try to keep all comments professional (I’ll edit my initial reaction as well [edit: I guess too much time as passed to edit my previous comments… there’s no option to do so]). I will also update some of the text on my site to make it more clear that certain functionality is added with paid extensions.

    I am still unable to add automatic post data into the free plugin, but many people do use the free plugin to display static data on their site. The plugin itself provides the functionality to add your own data, and display that data in a customizable scroller, rotator, or list.

    I have added in more features to the free plugin here and there, but there is just too much functionality (custom wp_query builder, easy post asset display order & selection and more) built into the Posts ticker to give it away for free.

    I totally understand that, and to be fair I do believe that the basic free version is really very well done, and your extensions are very reasonably priced. This was a good reminder to me as well to keep my reviews more professional and less emotional.

    TrishaM is in the right. Being even mildly deceptive for monetary gain isn’t in line with the ideals behind free and open-source software. Let’s keep the slippery stuff out, please.

    The personal attacks don’t exactly put metaphorcreations into a good light either.

    TrishaM’s comment was advice.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    @spooksmckeegan – There was & is no attempt at being deceptive in my products or on my site. TrishaM just happened to be looking at one source of information where there wasn’t specific labeling of “free” and “paid”, which was the documentation page. I am in the process of updating my information due to her feedback, which I appreciate.

    We did end up resolving our differences, but keep in mind that she was able to go back and edit her comments (which I wasn’t), as she mentions in one of her last comments, so you are not actually seeing the totality of the comments that started the (heated) discussion.

    I also modified the wording of my initial review to remove my frustration, which didn’t belong.

    The issue of misunderstanding the functionality included in the free version, based my documentation, isn’t an issue for me. I issue I took was with the manner that this information was presented to me, which you are unable to see because it no longer exists.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    Last comment on this, just for clarity on the “deception” point. There is no mention of any extension functionality in the wp repo pages besides noting that there are extensions. And my paid extensions are named as though they are their own individual plugin just for clarity’s sake. “Ditty News Ticker” is a different plugin than “Ditty Twitter Ticker” and so on.

    Also, there is absolutely nothing within the dashboard that leads you to believe any features of my extensions are possible, and then forces you to buy them. TrishM’s frustration was that she thought some of the functionality of my extensions existed in the free version and couldn’t figure where to find the settings to use them.

    I understand that my documentation and website in general may not be perfect, but setting up both of those things are an artform in themselves. I’ll take any feedback or suggestions on making those better any time.

    @spooksmckeegan – MetaphorCreations is absolutely right….I flamed first, due to *my own misunderstanding*, but was able to edit my original comments, which I regretted…..he was not able to edit his, so this conversation appears skewed. I regret that too. If I could completely remove it, I would.

    FOR THE RECORD: I honestly do think this is a GREAT plugin, it has a lot of very nice features and is very well crafted. The extensions that give it even more functionality are extremely affordable, but even without those extensions many users will find this plugin very useful.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    Thanks for the comment Trish. This whole thread has taken on a life of it’s own!
    I’m not sure if you’re still working on your project, but if you send me an email through the request customization form on my site I’d like to give you a copy of Ditty Posts Ticker to have and use wherever you’d like.

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