• Its a nice plugin with a good user-interface and a good looking schedule.

    What shocked me is the impact on the pages loadspeed: without the plugin google pagespeed rates my frontpage in desktop as 82. With the active plugin its 65. Mobile drops von 38 to 11.

    And thats just because the plugin is active – there is no schedule on the frontpage to be displayed at all. Just 5 additional .js and 5 additional .css

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  • Plugin Author Anthony Ceccarelli


    Hi Bodokade,
    thank you very much for your feedback.
    I’m working on it to reduce the number of scripts.
    A new version will be publish soon with 7 scripts instead of 10 (200ko less at least).
    If you see scripts in the inspector that means there is no cache plugin on your system. I use a cache plugin on every site I build now and that really increase the performance of my sites. The improvement is significant on googgle pagespeed results (even with my plugin activated 😉 ).
    I’ll keep you in touch.
    Best regards

    Thread Starter bodokade


    Hello Anthony,

    thx for your reply. I like the constructive way you deal with feedbacks.

    You’re right: we dont use a cache-plugin yet. Its a rather slim website with just few plugins and no other optimizations yet. That makes the relative impact of your plugin that high.

    Which js/css cache do you use?

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author Anthony Ceccarelli


    You’re welcome. The best for me is wprocket. The faster, most reliable, and you can use cloudflare CDN very easily with it
    Best regards

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