• I was switching to Nelio from a competitor after the cost of the competitor was going too high and I caught them charging me for something that I didn’t authorize and they haven’t corrected it or refunded the money. So Nelio was my first app to try next. I started out with the free version and it worked ok, just annoyed me with “This post is poor” messages because I didn’t link to an external site or my own site or even have an image. I have another plugin for all of that that doesn’t go into the blocks, the plugin takes it in and formats it all for me, so yeah, I do have all of this, just Nelio can’t see it.

    Then I wanted more social media messages for the future, but was manually putting them in because you get only one day with the free version. Fair enough, it’s free after all.

    Next, I move posts around a lot and guess I was spoiled by the old app I used because Nelio pauses after each move to update the DB. Not sure how the other app did it, but it never made me sit around waiting. This costs too much time if I have more than one or two to move.

    Finally I wanted to color code some of the posts so I could find them faster. I don’t see any way to color the calendar of posts besides red and green. And when I put my mouse over the calendar all the posts dim down to focus where my mouse is. Sometimes I am just looking for something and this just kills my focus.

    I gave in and purchased one month of Nelio to see if some of my issues would go away or with some setting tweaks, get better. Nope, my posts are still poor and I still sit waiting for dates to change. Just easier to open them all and change the dates at this point. The focus still goes towards the mouse, the month sends me to July even while we are in August, no color options, no way to take off checks on the poor post and none of my Instagram posts ever post.

    For the $30+ I spend each month, I am now looking for something that works. I don’t want to go back to Co-Schedule, so I just might have to go back to doing things old school.

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  • Plugin Author David Aguilera


    Thanks for your honest review—I really appreciate your taking the time to identify potential issues and suggest improvements. We’ll definitely address them in upcoming releases!

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