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  • Hi Profile Grid Team
    1. the idea is great and appreciated
    2. The plugin is a good start but unfortunately fails in major things
    2.1 Localizations are horrible and not existing
    2.2 Creating another custom post type for a User Blog is missing the importance to have the ability to contribute to the main POSTS of the WordPress blog post type – Besides that there is no easy way to change the slug for your custom post-type either which looks pretty long and ugly in a site.
    Much better would have been to have i.e. a defines group slug here and then a blog for each group (as a summary from group-member blogs – and/or – defined user slug for the user blogs and of course all Blogs should actually be able to appear in the main blog what is currently not possible.
    3. User permissions can be set – nice but there is nothing displayed in the overview which makes managing those permissions a real headache – check out UAM and how they do it so it gets listed in the pages and post type tables in an extra column and also can be assigned for many post types / pages at ones via quick edit
    4. There is no way to load an image from the media gallery which then could be used as the profile image, instead, all images have to get uploaded. Using the same functionality which already exists in the backend User Profile – you would have been able to upload a user image and reuse an image multiple time the same image from the media gallery – very important when you have to set up users and group i.e. for a school where each class has their own class/department demo image.
    5. It is not possible to assign a cover image via the user’s page because that field is simply not existing on the profile user default backend page, nor is it possible to assign a default background image. It would have been nice to have a way to set up multiple users at the same time and not having to upload a cover image for each one of them but instead being able to reuse an image from the media gallery multiple times instead – nice i.e. to set up departments with a Corporate Identity and very important actually would be to have the ability as admin to block uploading any images to profile or cover to keep that CI.
    6. Thanks for the great idea and it has really good potential especially when the blog posts would reuse and make able to edit POSTS for the main blog with Gutenberg (not only with Tiny ERP which gets replaced in the next release by Gutenberg.) and if there is a way to reuse images form media gallery instead of having to mess up the media gallery with tons (hundreds and more uploaded identical images because all departments (Groups) should be easily visible by their own CI besides having a profile image for the user itself. The small logo to the right is unfortunately much too small and unreadable too.
    7. Concerning the used default CSS it is recommended to NOT use custom font size settings and instead relying on the default WordPress fonts which can get defined in the customizer. The fonts in the overviews are unreadably small.

    I am looking forward to seeing how that plugin progresses and how its usability and localization will adjust much better to the real needs. I suggest taking an example on YOUR which is published on Envato too as it has very good and very similar ideas which could perfectly match each other. Your Grid plugin would have a real niche and advantage to YOUZER if it would be able to create and edit Main Blog Posts and assigning categories = GROUPS, and Tags to the main blog instead of having to run a separate parallel and very limited blog.

    Kind regards

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  • Plugin Author profilegrid


    Hello (@toremo),

    Thank you so much for taking out time to write the comprehensive review and providing important pointers.

    1. Thanks!
    2. It would have been tragic for us if you ended the review here! So thanks again for telling us exactly where we should look for improvements.

      1. This is something we are working on. We plan to correct it very soon. On the other hand, if you had to deal with text strings which cannot be translated, would you kindly send us the details? It would be fixed in the very next maintenance release.
      2. I assume, using default WordPress Posts in leu of ProfileGrid custom post type would acceptably resolve your problem. You can do that by going to ProfileGrid —> Global Settings —> User Blogs. Turn on, Enable Blog, if not already. First option would be Fetch Posts From. There are 3 options in the the following dropdown. User Blogs, for custom post system. Posts, for default WordPress post types. Both, allowing you to use a combination of both post types. We loved the idea of default Group Slugs and we have added it to our development map.
    3. User Permissions have been available since the very first release. But improving group structure took precedence after that which is still in the works. Understandably, this area requires an overhaul. We’ll be doing that very soon and rest assured a unified manager will be part of this exercise.
    4. We have been internally brainstorming the best way to implement this. I understand this must be very frustrating. Loading Media Gallery on front-end requires some customizations and filters. Once specifications are ready, we’ll begin development on this.
    5. We’ll make sure default cover image option is available as soon as possible. Probably in a month. The group logo size will be increased with it. Admin blocking image uploads may require a little more time. Although, with Admin powers set for enhancements in coming days, we will have a better way to integrate Admin restrictions.
    6. We’ll surely consider these suggestions when improving the default blog posts. Although not an alternative since it is paid, we do offer an extension, which allows you to use any custom post type, and not just limit you to User Blogs or WordPress posts. We definitely don’t want to force users to use our custom blog post functionality. Practically, it means you can add and filter user posts from any other plugin you prefer to use with user profiles. You can also name it anything you wish. So apart from being a blog, it can be anything related to the industry you work in – Events, Classified, Real Estate, Directory Listings etc. You can have multiple tabs that combine multiple plugins in single profile. You can also set privacy levels of each tab so that only specific users can see them in profiles.
    7. This will be addressed in a maintenance release soon.

    Next development release will focus on allowing users to be part of multiple groups – something that has been requested a lot of times. It also allows more powers to Group Managers to manage respective groups from front-end. We’ll also introduce new options in the group settings. Next two development releases will expand these features and make them more flexible.

    ProfileGrid is in active development and always open to ideas and suggestions. Your review has been very helpful. While it maybe asking too much, feel free to share anything else you wish to see in ProfileGrid

    Also, if using default WordPress posts fixes some of your issues for time being, might we request you to reconsider the review rating…We definitely know we still have to cover a lot of ground, so no question of complacency 🙂

    ProfileGrid Team

    Plugin Support profilegrid0


    Hi (@toremo),

    We just wanted to update you that default cover profile feature was released in ProfileGrid version 2.9.3

    Also, we have added quite a few new features, including multi-groups functionality in latest release.

    We look forward to your feedback.

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