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  • I love how simple it is. No annoying CSS to override to make it fit nicely into my theme, but I do wish it linked the cover image to the Amazon page instead. I wouldn’t mind if there was a field that allowed me to manually input a URL to link everything up to, while still using the ISBN to grab the cover image from Google. As it is now I had to code an HTML link to Amazon into the custom message area.

    I would also like to see the ability to display more than one book at a time to be displayed (with more good CSS allowing me the option of displaying 2-3 cover images side by side).

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  • I went ahead and hacked the plugin code, replacing the code linking the cover image to Google with the code that echos the custom message field, then I put ONLY the book’s Amazon link in the custom message area. Voila, book cover links to the Amazon page. I also added a title tag to the img code that outputs the book title, which is just good practice 😉

    Here’s my new code in currently-reading-book/currently-reading-book.php (the first lines are unchanged, so you can search for the portion that needs replacing using that. It’s toward the beginning of the file):

    // Output this anywhere in the blog
    	function currently_reading_book() {
    		$crb_settings = get_option('currently_reading_book_settings');
    		if($crb_settings['visibility_settings']['show_preview']) {
    			<a href="<?php echo stripslashes($crb_settings['book_custom_msg']); ?>" <?php if($crb_settings['preview_new_window']) { ?> target="_blank" <?php } ?>>
    	        <img src="<?php echo $crb_settings['book_cover'] ?>" title="<?php echo stripslashes($crb_settings['book_title']); ?>"/></a>
    Plugin Author Bostjan Cigan


    I’m in the process of revamping the plugin as a whole. But my regular job constraints kind of limit me in doing that 🙂

    What is planned for 2.0:

    • complete HTML output customization,
    • maybe linking to amazons API as well,
    • a bookshelf mode (multiple books at the same time, and a “book” page that lists all of your read books)

    Hope the review changes then 🙂

    Stay tuned and thanks for the valid input 🙂

    Thanks for the reply 🙂

    I actually liked this plugin over another I tried because I didn’t have to mess with the Amazon app/API thing where I had to enter a secret key to set it up and all that jazz, so I like the idea of keeping it simple. I don’t think most people would mind manually entering the Amazon URL for each book.

    Love the idea of a bookshelf mode, as long as there isn’t a bunch of design involved. no clever bookshelf background graphic or anything, please. Ideally, it’d be styled pretty much how I currently have it on my own site, but with the option to show 2 books side by side (or one after another, as the user would like to set it up for their layout):

    One of the better aspects of this plugin, IMO was the minimal CSS I had to add to center everything and simplify/style the text output. Please don’t make that more complex than needed in future releases 😉

    Plugin Author Bostjan Cigan


    No fear of adding custom CSS or anything. When developing my plugins I always leave it to the end users to decide how their output looks like. That is how my other plugins work (for instance the Twitget plugin – users can customize how their output to their needs or just use the default one (that doesn’t output any custom CSS mumbo jumbo at all).


    Wish more plugin authors did the same!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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