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  • This plugin works great and doesn’t add bloat like a new slider system or lot of javascript !!! it adds nothing, just a html tag <video> 🙂 🙂

    i use it for my woocommerce product when i want to add a video !
    perfect thank you.

    i edited simple-featured-video.php l.150 to add to the <video html5 :
    <video autoplay muted loop
    that way the video autoplay muted and loop !!

    Add this script to your theme script, and now when you clic fullscreen sound gets on

    	if (document.addEventListener)
    		document.addEventListener('webkitfullscreenchange', exitHandler, false);
    		document.addEventListener('mozfullscreenchange', exitHandler, false);
    		document.addEventListener('fullscreenchange', exitHandler, false);
    	function exitHandler()
    		var vid = document.getElementsByClassName("sfv_videos"); 
    			vid[0].muted = !(document.webkitIsFullScreen || document.mozFullScreen || document.fullscreen);
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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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