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  • Hello, I have a small problem, I downloaded and installed great program NHP theme options framework, I have no problem with the configuration of individual options, but I have a problem with calling them wordpres, please clue how to call the example field?

    	'id' => 'blog-name', //must be unique
    	'type' => 'text', //the field type
    	'title' => __('Extendend blog name', 'nhp-opts'),
    	'sub_desc' => __('This is a little space under the Field Title in the Options table', 'nhp-opts'),
    	'desc' => __('This is the description field, again good for additional info.', 'nhp-opts'),
    	'validate' => 'url',//if you want to validate the value
    	'msg' => 'custom error message', //override the default validation error message for no_html
    	'std' => '', //This is a default value, used to set the options on theme activation, and if the user hits the Reset to defaults Button
    	'class' => '' //Set custom classes for the element, default is "regular-text"

    great thanks

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