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  • We’ve got a large enough site that nginx has become interesting. However, I have yet to find a complete set of rewrite rules in one place that are guaranteed to work with most WP setups. Wanted:

    – Rewrite rule sets with and without the three most popular caching plugins. I’ve read that some people disable caching plugins after switching to nginx. I want to see real metrics between these setups instead of hand waving.

    – Comparing nginx + WP by itself vs. nginx as a forwarding proxy to Apache + WP. Pros and cons of each – what caveats to watch out for.

    – Complete rule sets, especially for multisite. Most rewrite rule sets I’ve found don’t precisely explain what is going on or include the infamous ‘…’, which rarely helps anyone attempting to use something. Also, there are zero rule sets available for us multisite users to just copy and paste.

    If you run nginx and WP 3.0 and want to help, please copy and paste your entire _working_ config instead of just saying that you have a working install and then not share. There are plenty of posts here in these forums already along those lines, which floods Google with useless results. nginx may be faster than Apache, but support and analysis for WP is…lacking.

    nginx already powers 6% of all web servers out there. And went from basically less than 1% to 6% in the last two years. If it continues to see a 3% jump every year, my meager request for working rewrite rule configurations for WP (multisite) to run on nginx will be dwarfed by the cries of others.

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