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  1. darren_cox
    Posted 3 years ago #

    First off, pardon my possible ignorant question, however I'm new to the NextGen plugin and have recently taken over the admin role on the following site, http://www.ghefoundation.org

    BTW, I'm on NextGEN Version 1.9.10

    On the page http://ghefoundation.org/museums.php there is a .php shortcode <?php echo do_shortcode("[nggallery id=2]"); ?> to show thumbnails of the photos in the gallery, however it's the gallery id that isn't making sense to me.

    Example: The first museum listed is Beijing Museum of Natural History. In the plugin on the site, the gallery is named beijing and the ID is 16. There are 11 photos in this gallery. The shortcode is labeled "[nggallery id=2]" Here is my confusion. If the ID in the gallery plugin is 16 why does the code use nggallery id=2? Shouldn't it be 16?

    I created a new gallery, and posted photos to it. Used the shortcode nggallery id=22 and as you can see at the bottom of the page, it shows gallery not found.

    I've been bangin my head against the desk trying to find how/where/why this is working this way and I'm at wits end. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  2. wombosi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    the shortcode needs to have the gallery number it.
    i was confused by this as well initially.
    there might be a default number, or you've read "2" somewhere, but it needs to be id=16, or whatever the gallery number is that you want to display.

  3. darren_cox
    Posted 3 years ago #

    the shortcode does have a gallery number in it "2" however the gallery ID under "Manage Gallery" is 16. I created a new gallery "22" uploaded pics to it, and when using the shortcode w/ [nggallery id=22] it simply shows [Gallery not found]

    it seems as if the Gallery ID is "22" it should pull that gallery? It's actually like this on all 5 of the current museum listings

    Beijing Museum of Natural History [nggallery id=2] returns images Manage Gallery> ID16
    Dalian Museum of Natural History [nggallery id=3] returns images Manage Gallery> ID17
    Shanghai Science and Technology Museum [nggallery id=4] returns images Manage Gallery> ID18
    Tianjin Natural History Museum [nggallery id=1] returns images Manage Gallery>ID19
    Yangzhou Museum [nggallery id=5] returns images Manage Gallery>ID20

    This is why I'm confused.

    If I put in [nggallery id=6] the page returns the images from Manage Gallery> ID15
    If I put in [nggallery id=7] the page returns [Gallery not found], and returns this for nggalleryid=7-22] (i didn't go any higher because that's all the galleries that are created on this page)

  4. wombosi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    why are you using 22? where is 22 coming from?

    use [nggallery id=16] and that will solve it! unless i'm confused about what's going on here.

    in manage gallery, each gallery will have a number assigned to it - chronological in order of your creating the galleries.

    whichever gallery you want to display, you need to plugin that number to the shortcode.

  5. darren_cox
    Posted 3 years ago #

    To create a new entry, I created a gallery. It's ID is 22. I uploaded pics to this gallery. Used this number in the code and it didn't work.

    There is current code on the page. nggallery id=2 it for some reason is pulling from the gallery ID under manage gallery 16. (i'm using this as an example as to my confusion)

    As stated above, there are a total of 5 entries on this page w/ this same confusing code where the nggallery=x is pulling from y and not x.

  6. wombosi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hm. that is a doozy indeed. how long has this been going on?
    have they never worked right, or it just started?
    why is the current code id=2 on the page?
    somewhere it appears you have messed up the code.

  7. darren_cox
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Nope. Code has been this way since I opened it. I inherited this and it's working fine currently. I'm trying to add to the page and I've simply copied and pasted the code, updating the nggallery=x id obviously.

    The code id=2 is just the first one listed. id=1-5 are currently on the page. You can see them here-> http://ghefoundation.org/museums.php

  8. wombosi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    if you want to give me your admin login i'd try poking around in there for you. otherwise sorry i can't be much help.
    i have no idea what's going on here.

  9. totallytech
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I dont suppose you are reading the title instead of the ID code. I know its a long shot but I took over a site a while back and the galleries were all called, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc etc, and the ID was 8, 9, 10, 11 etc

    Was really confusing as I was setting [nggallery id=1] which didnt pull anything.

  10. darren_cox
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Thanks for the reply, I believe I'm looking at the correct ID Code. It's the same code that get's created when I create a new gallery and in the plugin admin it shows the shortcode [nggallery id=x] of the new gallery I just created.

    Isn't the highlighted ID in the below image the gallery ID?


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