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  • Hi folks,

    I’m noticing from my site analytics that people have recently started visiting my site via Google search results that begin followed by NextGEN tags. For example, I just saw someone come in via Yet this link brings the user to… nothing. There is just my standard ‘Not found’ page waiting for him or her. When I searched Google for I see pages and pages of results that mostly lead the user to the same thing. One that doesn’t is but this just gives the user a choice of three of my main pages that do not even feature the word ‘Goa’.

    Can anyone let me know what is happening here, and whether there’s anything I can do to make these search results work positively for me? On the face of it, it seems very useful to have my NextGEN image tags showing up in Google. 🙂



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  • alexo05


    Let me know if you found an answer to this, I’m having the same issue…



    No, nothing – I’d love to know! (Bump?!)

    Hi I’m having this issue as well. Would like to hear what plugin developer has to say

    Still nothing on this, unfortunately. It’s a shame, as I see that people come to my site every day after following these sorts of links from Google and each time encounter ‘not found’. If they then enter the term into the search box that WordPress gives (“perhaps searching will help”, my images with those NGG tags show up. But I don’t reckon many people go that extra mile after being confronted only with ‘not found’ and an otherwise blank page.

    I have the same problem: moreover, the “No posts found.” page is not the standard 404 page. This means that search engines index this kind of page, because they see a normal page (return HTTP code 200).
    Therefore, we have a lot of pages indexed, but empty.

    I think that a first step (for the plugin developer) could be to allow the Admin to “noindex” the NextGen Gallery tags, so that they can be used only for back-end purposes (categorize images, create tag albums, etc). In this way the tag will not be indexed by search engines anymore.

    The second step could be to actually show the tagged pictures in that indexed urls.

    Hope to see these features implemented in future versions of this awesome plugin.

    The interesting thing – at least for me because I have Alex’s search plugin installed too – is that the moment you type the keyword into the search box that shows on that page, the images with that ngg tag show up. I would have thought that the code required to take the user straight to the images should be fairly simple. However, I have no clue about how to code and rely on what people tell me to do via this forum! So… if anyone knows what code might do the trick, I’d be thrilled!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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