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    I have some major problems in IE6 when including NGG images in posts using the singlepic tag. The images appear tossed around at seemingly random positions on the page, and sometimes even way outside of their actual post. You can see some screenshots of what it looks like here and (view of post from the frontpage) here (within a post). Reloading the page typically scrambles the image position to another position.

    I’ve tried changing thumbnail effects (lightbox, thickbox, shutter, etc), but it does’t make any difference. I’ve noticed no problems with IE7, Opera, Safari, or FF / Mozilla (but unfortunately 20% of my visitors use IE6).

    For reference, I’m running WP 2.5.1 with the 3-column K2 theme (the leftmost column being the content column, with two sidebar columns to the right). I’m also using the provided K2-style in NGG.

    Has anyone else tackled similar problems?

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  • I didn’t test/support IE6, but it could be the div inside your block element (< p > tag). You should test version 0.91 with IE6, maybe it works (because after this version I introduce the div tag for singlepics)

    Thanks so much for the tip Alex!!

    Looking at the change log it appeared the singlepic div tag (assuming you were referring to the class=”ngg-singlepic-wrapper” stuff) was actually introduced after version 0.90, so I tried re-installing this version instead. And yes, that did the trick! That is, things fell back into place in IE6 again.

    Now as follow-up, given that this is indeed were the problem seems to lie, has anyone by any chance tried to fix this for version 0.96??


    Ok, thanks for the feedback
    I removed this changes in version 1.00. If you have no problems , you can manually changes this :

    Look here at Line 606 – 613 :

    You can see the change, where you need to remove the div code in 0.96. Please do not replace the complete fie (because it changed in V1.00)

    Yup, I copied in the changes and that worked fine, thanks!! Changed the status to resolved.

    BTW, if you have the time to answer; Are there any special steps that are needed to run the plugin from the latest trunk in SVN? I was curious to give it a try so downloaded it, but when trying to active it from the dashboard it failed with some non-informative error messages. PS: I completely understand if you don’t have the time to support noobs wanting to run the bleeding edge version.. 🙂

    OK, the GoogleCode trunk is currently not useable. I’m in between of major changes , that’s the reason why you can’t use it. I will post a note when I release a new beta version

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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