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    What plugin are you looking to for?

    Nextgen Gallery Search or Nextgen Search Engine?

    If it is Nextgen Gallery Search, I have cobbled together a working version.

    I am going to attempt to get Nextgen Search Engine working, but I am very new at PHP coding.

    this one

    just to confirm, as expected……doesn’t work. no longer any way of searching images! 🙁
    i’ve got over 3500 photos in my gallery. no ability to search makes it unusable. It was always a bit of a hack to get working. Would love a real solution built into NGG.

    error is:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function nggCreateGallery() in /testwp/wp-content/plugins/nggSearch/nggSearch.php on line 64

    Yes, this is what I was calling “Nextgen Search Engine” and I rely heavily on this feature as well.

    I agree that I would love to see this truly integrated into Nextgen Gallery, but I attempted to broach this idea in a comment on a blog post from the Nextgen Gallery website. It was moderated out of existence so, I am guessing that this will remain a plugin type feature. 🙂 I have attempted email contact with Alex about help (paid) this past spring about the plugins functionality, not related to the 2.0 update. The email was unanswered, so I can only assume that Alex has abandoned this plugin feature because he is no longer associated with Nextgen Gallery.

    I believe that it will be upon the users of this plugin feature to update it to work with Nextgen Gallery 2.0 and above as an open source fork of Alex’s work.

    I will be looking at retrofitting this plugin feature because it is a must have for my website. I am brand new with PHP programming so it will not be a quick turnaround, if at all, as there is a large learning curve to overcome. I may need to enlist paid resources to assist me with this, if I can’t do it on my own.

    I am open to any advice or assistance from the Nextgen community at large to help with moving this project along.


    Same problem here. Same Error. Even BOUGHT THE PRO VERSION 2 hours ago. I will have to return unless this image search feature gets resolved.

    It’s not an option for my images not be searchable.

    food for thought:

    My “quick&dirty-solution”:

    1 Goto …/nextgen-gallery/nggfunctions.php (Version 1.9.13 !!!)
    2 Copy the complete
    function nggCreateGallery($picturelist, $galleryID = false, $template = ”, $images = false) {

    return $out;
    3 Goto …/nggSearch/nggSearch.php
    Paste the complete function nggCreateGallery at the end of the file just before ?>
    4 At the top of the function nggCreateGallery add after line “global $nggRewrite;” this code:
    if (class_exists(“nggRewrite”)) $nggRewrite=new nggRewrite();

    Some CSS-Hacks amd it works like before…

    Please optimize if anyone has time – or offer a better solution… 😉

    ah and delete the line:
    require_once (dirname (__FILE__) . ‘/lib/media-rss.php’);

    thanks w.bear. I’ll give this a go later

    Thanks w.bear, it worked. You are awesome! To optimize the code, I am looking to see if there is a way to link directly to the “Legacy” folder, where the original plugin files, are buried in NextGen Gallery 2.0.

    This fix also worked for me…thanks a ton w.bear! Now I just wish I could get the pagination working in search results. See it working on my site here:

    and the pagination issue here:

    W.bear thank you very much! it worked!


    Try to add this: (in the modified file nggSearch.php)

    global $nggRewrite;
    if (class_exists(“nggRewrite”)) $nggRewrite=new nggRewrite();


    function __construct() {

    // no NextGEN Gallery, no addon
    if (!class_exists(‘nggGallery’) )

    and pagination should work 😉

    w.bear to the rescue again…brilliant! Thanks so much!

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