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!nf3rN.4lL Hack attack in wordpress

  • stravaiger


    Anyone seen !nf3rN.4lL – it gets hold of the admin password in wordpress and hacks the blog

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  • Proof ?
    Now ?



    My blog was just compromised – the title was changed to !nf3rN.4lL as was the description. Searching on google produces blogs and forums that are !nf3rN.4lL hacked.



    oh, and there as a post saying “hacked by !nf3rN.4lL” and it was by “admin”.

    This very probably has nothing at all whatsoever to do with WordPress.

    The fact is your blog is a very public page which is why it has been defaced.

    Look at the server security and the security of other php apps that have known holes the size of trains in first.

    Change ALL your passwords.
    Every single one.

    Probabally a MySQL injection from vulnerabilities in the plugins.. im guessing you are probabally running something that executes php in posts?



    Does it have anything to do with this?


    Seen the date on that ?


    Results 1 – 7 of about 11,000 for !nf3rN.4lL



    I’ve seen the same defacement on phpbb – how can I trace this as it’s a hole in my wordpress!

    It is NOT a hole in WordPress.

    WordPress 1.5.2 has NO known holes.


    First, it is not a “hole” in wordpress, it is a mysql injection
    2nd its from may 15th at least of 2005
    3rd the solution is to Upgrade to wordpress 1.5.1

    so if you are running the latest version 1.5.2… its patched

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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