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  1. hardymonkey
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I'm just about to finish a major website with a WordPress backbone, but I'm running into those few bugs that always persist at the very end of any project!

    Right now, my problem is that I want my main page to have only the posts for a single day; they all get added to that page until midnight rolls around, when the next day's post replaces them all and they get relegated to the archives. For an example, look at http://www.penny-arcade.com . I set WordPress (via the dashboard) to show only one day's posts. So far so good.

    Wham. The problem is that the next/previous post links aren't working correctly. If I only have one post for any given day, they are absent completely. If I have more than one post, the "previous" link appears, but when I follow it, the link takes me to a page without another "previous" link (even though I have several days worth of material now). I've been driving myself nuts with this for hours, any help will be highly appreciated!

    p.s. I'd give a link, but the site is being developed on a local machine

  2. Douglas Karr
    Posted 9 years ago #

    You may be able to modify this solution to work, based on the number of posts you are displaying on the given page.
    Here .


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