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  • I have tested the plugin in various environments and there is a problem with the next and previous buttons in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox in Windows 8. The plugin works in the exact same browsers in earlier Windows versions.

    When clicking <a href="#">Next</a> and <a href="#">Previous</a> buttons the browser window jumps to the top and the anchor tag # is added to the url in the browser location bar. The only image that is shown is the first image in the post gallery. The behaviour can be avoided by adding onClick=”return false”, but then nothing happens when clicking next or previous.

    Strangely I cannot reproduce the error in Internet Explorer in Windows 8 or in earlier Windows versions in any browser.

    Chrome is not showing any Javascript errors, so I am at a loss to find a solution.

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  • After some more research this seems to be a touchscreen conflict. The buttons do work on a Windows 8 laptop, but only when using the touchscreen. The thumbnail and caption buttons both work correctly. In IE 10 everything is ok.

    Does anyone has a solution for this?
    Navigation using arrows or thumbnails does not work in Firefox or Chrome in Win7. Instead of going to the next image, the page scrolls up to the top.
    The caption text isn’t visible either in FF an chrome. You have to click the info-icon first.

    IE9 does work like it should.

    Take a look here:

    I have the same issue with this plugin and the flexslider in jQuery.
    The problem is, that Windows 8 counts as “touch enabled device” in some browsers/jQuery/or somewhere else.

    Being able to touch, disables the standard navigation via mouse click and enables touch input. You should be able to go through the slider using your keyboard, gestures on trackpad (like two-finger-swipe left/right) or touch and swipe via touchscreen.

    I haven’t checked yet, but i bet there is a if/else statement in the slider that enabled either click event OR touch event. That’s how it is in jQuery’s flexslider anyway.

    The demo page has the same problem.

    I posted this on stackoverflow a while ago but no one responded yet.

    Hoping for a fix!

    Allright good news: the gallery is using flexslider.
    I reached out to woothemes and the devs of flexslider, they’re working on a fix right now:

    Let’s hope this comes soon.

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