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  1. vkyip
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Previously I reported having problems with next_posts_link as it generates http://mysite.com/blog/blog/Index.php. Having no answers from support for 2 days, I had to dig deeep and found what seems to be a possible problem.

    The first thing is that the actual problematic link is "http://mysite.com/blog/Blog/Index.php?paged=2". Notice there is 2 "blog" and this is wrong. Since my category page is working, I used it and it generates a link like this "http://mysite.com/blog/index.php?m=200712&paged=2" and this is correct.

    To understand why the same function generated an error in one page while having no problems in another, I traced next_posts_link back to function get_pagenum_link. On the second line, the code is:

    $request = remove_query_arg( 'paged' );

    I echoed this out and found that on my working page, the $request = '\blog\index.php?m=200712&paged=2'

    On the problematic page, $request = '\Blog\Index.php?paged=2'

    Notice the big difference is that there is a capital letter 'B' in "Blog" on the problematic page, and in subsequent lines of code:

    $request = preg_replace('|^'. $home_root . '|', '', $request);

    "\blog\" gets replaced to nothing, meaning deleted. Since on my problematic page, the input is "\Blog\" it does not get replaced and thus repeat itself on my eventual output.

    I have thus replaced:
    $request = remove_query_arg( 'paged' );
    $request = strtolower(remove_query_arg( 'paged' ));
    and it has worked.

    I am not a PHP programmer and is just a newbie, and have no idea how "blog" from one page turns to "Blog" in another. I wonder if this "fix" will work or is correct.

  2. theapparatus
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Best bet would be to raise the issue on trac and explain in as much detail as you can like you do it. That way the developers are made aware of the issue.


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