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  • There is a simmillar post, and you got answer there as well

    Yes, the plugin uses the jquery.cycle.js plugin ( for the animations.

    The jquery plugin is very easy to modify and has a lot of customizable options.
    View the options here (jquery.cycle options).

    To start, find the “testimonial-rotator.php” and edit line 389 adding/editing the options you want. You can add paging or next/prev buttons but you will need to create the elements somewhere in the content (i.e. in the post where the rotator is).


    Since the plugin has been updated to use cycle2 javascript plugin the previous instruction does not work. If you are using the latest rotator using cycletwo.js you can do the following:
    In testimonial-rotator.php on line 438, you add the option for next and prev, and reference to what element that will trigger the next and previous slide – data-cycletwo-prev=\"#prev\" data-cycletwo-next=\"#next\" – This line begins $rtn .= " <div id=\"testimonial_rotator_{$id}\" where <div id=”testimonial_rotator_{$id}” is the parent of the elements that are sliding.

    This should output in the browser something like this:
    <div id="testimonial_rotator_56" class="testimonial_rotator cycletwo-slideshow" data-cycletwo-pause-on-hover="#testimonial_rotator_56" data-cycletwo-speed="750" data-cycletwo-timeout="3000" data-cycletwo-slides="> div.slide" data-cycletwo-auto-height="calc" data-cycletwo-fx="scrollHorz" data-cycletwo-next="#next" data-cycletwo-prev="#prev" style="position: relative; overflow: hidden;">

    Then in your page/post or template you add the html element which triggers the next or previous action. Eg. <div class="nav"><a id="prev" href="#">Prev</a> <a id="next" href="#">Next</a></div>

    Hope this helps someone.

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    Just FYI for anyone interested. The next version of this plugin will have some pretty big upgrades including prev/next buttons by default!

    Hoping to get it completed really soon.

    Hi, I have updated the plugin but I can’t find the next/prev option. Could you please assist with this? I’ve been waiting for this update. Thanks

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    Here is a help document all about it:

    Adding Previous / Next Buttons to a Rotator

    Hi. It is a very useful plugin.
    I also have problems with the next/prev buttons. They are not present in the code at all. Show Previous/Next Buttons is checked in the settings.

    What I am missing?


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