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  • Chris


    I could really use a next/previous day feature. (movabletype has it)

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  • Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Day as opposed to next/previous post?



    Yes, I know there’s posts paged but I always display my posts by 1 day. It’s more understandable to go to the next day’s posts then to the next 3 posts paged. Or at least to me it makes more sense.


    yeah i could really use this too– i’m using scriptygoddess’ next/previous day link plugin ( … but this provides only for archive pages.

    what i’m looking for is a way to simply link to the ‘previous day’ from the footer of a homepage that is always set to show the most recent day of posts.

    as far as i know, wordpress template tags for previous posts work only with posts paged, and of course this plugin is design for archive pages.

    <?php posts_nav_link(" | ","&laquo; Previous Page ", " Next Page &raquo;"); ?>

    “Displays navigation showing next and previous pages if the “posts paged” option is set. “

    er, thanks but this isn’t it — i need a function to call the previous day when homepage is set to 1 day, not x posts paged.

    thanks kafkaesqui — actually that plugin works on just archive pages — not the home page.

    if i knew php better i could probably hack it but alas no yet…

    Ok…how about the method I use on my blog (though I’ve modified it quite a bit)?


    A little more than just next/previous, but doesn’t rely on posts paged, and can be set to display on all pages, including home.

    well…. having seen this plugin before, i thought maybe i missed something. i installed it and… nope — it may not require posts paged, but it does not help me out.

    again, this blog ( is set to display the most recent day of posts. how can i link to the previous day of posts, or alternatively the previous week/month of posts with the latest day offset?

    getting sort of desperate … pls email any ideas to or post here. thanks!

    as soon as i figure out how to write the correct conditional statement for just the homepage ($home has never worked for me with 1.2), i think i’ll just link to the the current month’s archive.

    offset or previous day would be cool but whatevuh

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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