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  • 1) The vote is happening in under a second, the problem is your theme has messed with the quotes and is breaking the AJAX. This has happened before, and it was fixed by wrapping the shortcode with [raw]. See

    2) It seems that site have made the changes themselves to add the number of votes. You can call the API nggv_getImageVotingResults($pid, array("likes"=>true)); to get an array of results back per image.

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    Hi! Shauno,

    Thanks for your response! I have used [raw][/raw] & find some changes.

    Can you tell me how & where to put AJAX in right place as I am completely newbie with NextGEN.

    How it’s possible to make my Gallery page like

    Tell me where to place the codes nggv_getImageVotingResults($pid, array(“likes”=>true));

    I want to make donation for you but I don’t have PayPal as it’s not available in our country. Tell me if you have MoneyBookers account.

    Can I suggest you to make some plugin as some beautiful ideas surrounding in my mind.

    I haven’t tested the [raw] thing, I just saw it in the forum. I will investigate once I have access to my test installs.

    You need to understand a little PHP to get the results and display them. I will try give you a copy/paste example when I can.

    Feel free to give your plugin ideas. As long as they aren’t too specific and have a large appeal, I’m sure lots of developers are looking for ideas.

    You can add this below the image voting tag to show the results the same way as the example you gave:

    $results = nggv_getImageVotingResults($image->pid, array("likes"=>true));
    echo $results['likes'].' Votes';

    I have no idea why some themes break the quotes. But because I don’t have access to any themes that do it, so I can’t fix it easily.
    I will look into it, but can’t promise anything.

    Thanks! Shauno, I have solved all the problems.

    Let me know where to submit my ideas about WordPress Development (Most likely plugin as you are a plugin Developer).

    I am doing freelance work & had a research about WordPress & it’s tools as I am using it about more than 3yrs.

    Thanks again for your assistance & guidance.

    How did you get the “vote” option instead of the like/dislike, stars, rate??

    That is exactly what I am looking for! I love it!! – this is formatted exactly how I would like mine to be.

    Hi! Mindy,

    Thanks for your message!

    It’s a website of my client Brent Mailman who is a Australian Photographer.

    He hired me in oDesk for that I have wrote some custom PHP codes, edited CSS of NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Voting Plugin & designed Vote Button for that to work.

    Let me know in which website do you need to work it?

    Kind Regards

    The pages are in draft, so I don’t know how to show them to you at this time – but I am needing to have the “vote” option very much. Client doesn’t want “dislike” or ratings. He just wants a “like” or a “vote” option.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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