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[Resolved] Nextgen Voting plugin got disabled by this plugin

  • I am using WP-eStore plugin and this add on plugin (eStore NextGen Gallery Addon) to integrate nextgen gallery is disabling my nextgen gallery plugin. I tried adding <?php echo nggv_imageVoteForm($image->pid); ?> on a different line and it doesn’t work. If I deactivate (eStore NextGen Gallery Addon) Nextgen voting works immediately.

    Is there a minor tweak I can make that will allow nextgen voting to work as well?


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  • Hi Vic

    I haven’t had a look at WP eStore, but I guess it’s just using its own gallery template. You will need to just add the vote form tag to the template the store plugin is using, and everything should play nice together.

    are you saying it would get inserted in the wp-eStore plugin instead of the nextgen gallery plugin

    I got it… thanks man. I support your knowledge 101%

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @slickvicent – If you wouldn’t mind posting this question in the eStore support forum rather than here, we would appreciate it. We would prefer to keep all support tickets here in this forum, about the NextGEN Gallery plugin only. This also helps the developers of these NextGEN Gallery extension plugins to be alerted about any possible issues right away.

    Thanks! I am going to mark this issue as resolved, being that it’s unrelated to the plugin directly, but rather an issue in an extension plugin.



    FYI it was about nextgen… I just did the hard work for you to resolve by identifying which plugin was disabling the the nextgen voting plugin… as you can read up above Shauno the creator of nextgen was able to solve for me.

    Just an fyi I did post at the estore support forum thinking it would be solved there

    Also I am a Photocrati theme customer (which isn’t free) and a Nextgen Gallery Voting (Premium) customer (which isn’t free either) and I didn’t appreciate you sending me on my way when you clearly had no right to.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @slickvicent – I meant no harm or ill intent in my last reply. I must have misunderstood your post. The NextGEN Voting plugin, and NextGEN eStore plugin are extension plugins, not developed by us or associated with us other than they work with our plugin. The only reason I asked that you post in their forums, is that if there is something wrong with their plugin when you activate it, and it breaks other plugins (i.e. our NextGEN Gallery plugin), it would be best to post in their forums so they see the issue right away. They won’t see it right away if you post in this forum.

    I am very sorry, if I mis-read your issue. When you mentioned that you did the hard work for us, would you mind elaborating what you found? Is there something in our code (of the NextGEN Gallery plugin), that was wrong that fixed the other plugins? If so, I would be happy to send it along to our developers to check into.


    Apology accepted…

    Well I learned from working with Shauno for a couple of years now that I should do my own research before asking… So I got as far as finding out what plugin was disabling my nextgen voting plugin by disabling and activating recent plugins I had been dealing with. I didn’t like photocrati’s ecommerce setup because it was buggy so I went to eStore and it was working great until I added an addon plugin to make it integrate with nextgen gallery. That addon estore nextgen gallery addon disabled nextgen gallery voting plugin and I wasn’t happy with that. So I worked with eStore support until it clicked that maybe it can be solved easily if I went to photocrati nextgen support and sure enough Shauno indicated that the code above should be inserted in what could possibly be a template in estore that nextgen was running from now…. new exactly what he was talking about from working with him for so long that I solved it right away.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Thanks @slickvicent ! 🙂 Just to be clear, is the template he suggested adding a vote form tag to, in the eStore plugin or a template in our plugin?


    The vote form tag would be in the eStore Nextgen Gallery Addon in 2 templates




    Plugin Author photocrati


    Oh, OK. There isn’t anything we can change in our plugin, but this will serve as a possible solution for others who are using the same extension plugins. Thank you for referencing the filenames in eStore! 🙂



Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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