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  • I have NOT updated NG on any of my sites so I do not have problems – this post is my professional response to what I’ve seen online regarding the v2.0 release…

    WOW… no, I mean W-O-W… no, I mean UNBELIEVABLE FREAK’N W-O-W !!!

    I’ve never EVER seen an update that has been SO massively destructive and debilitating to SO many websites. I have NOT updated my NextGen galleries to the new release and will absolutely, positively NOT do so until I see these issues being resolved.

    CLEARLY THE 2.0 RELEASE WAS NOT SUFFICIENTLY TESTED BEFORE BEING RELEASED – and don’t jump on here saying “oh yes it was tested” because we can ALL see the sheer volume and variety of posts on this support forum stating the v2.0 release was (for many) a catastrophe.

    Let me officially go on record saying I am a HUGE nextgen fan and have been for years. In my opinion it is (or rather was) far and away the most logical and efficient gallery system available for WP and a lot of people in the world agree with that statement… which is precisely WHY so many people are SO steaming mad about the grossly negligent and premature release of the v2.x update!!!

    Also, since I design WP client sites for a living, I PAY FOR GOOD PLUG-INS!!! With all the new stuff in v2.0, I was ready to pay for NG-PRO, but now… no way!!!

    I look forward to seeing a truly STABLE release for NextGen. In the meantime, thank HEAVEN for these forums and WP’s update compatibility reporting feature!!!

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  • And just for fun, I just NOW (3:30pm 08-16-13) installed NGG on a brand new WP site – with everything the latest and greatest releases – and couldn’t even upload one picture.

    The NGG self test says there are errors and clearly that is true – despite the fact that I have other previous NGG releases running perfectly fine on these servers.

    NGG was my TOP favorite plug-in and I really like the new interface and workflow – too bad the plug-in doesn’t work anymore.

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