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    I have installed the NextGen plugin and inserted on this page but nothing at all is showing. I also installed ImageRotator and have entered in the path to it in Gallery -> Options -> Slideshow, trying both the path to imagerotator.php as it installed with NextGen and imagerotator.swf as it installed with ImageRotator. Still nothing at all displaying.


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  • What shortcode did you insert?

    I [slideshow id=1] and I tried both with and without the width and height dimensions. And I double-checked that the gallery I uploaded is id=1.

    Are you using a caching plugin/setup and make sure the mime type .swf is supported on your server/host

    Whoa, I’m not even sure what that means. I can tell you it’s hosted on GoDaddy. How do I check the rest?

    GoDaddy is probably part of the problem. Try their support if your sense of humor is intact.

    Hello I need help my NextGen is showing correctly on IE8 but not on Firefox not on Chrome, I have updated NextGen and used the shortcode [nggallery id=3] and made sure the path of images is correct as well but still doesn’t show correct only on firefox and chrome. this is the website

    anyone have the same issue?

    by the way i’m using this shortcude

    [galleryview id=7]

    Looks fine on Firefox 9

    I can’t get the slideshow working in any browser no matter what I do. I think I have tried every suggestion in these forums and still nothing.

    So…can any of you PLEASE recommend a slideshow plugin that won’t conflict with NextGen and will allow me to have different slideshows on different pages?

    When I display the gallery on a page the picture list function works but the slideshow just shows a loading icon. I’m still trying to solve the problem — it may be a conflict with the theme I’m using.

    In the meantime, in response to memdesigns, I believe that vSlider can be installed along with NextGEN and will allow different slideshows on different pages.

    I have a networked site with Next Gen on all 3 subsites, I have also purchased monoslider and followed the instructions. The slideshows were working find until 5 days ago when I upgraded my server. I cannot get the Next Gen to work at all. Please help, I have to publish live next week.

    I too am having problems with the NextGen slideshow function – just acts as if it is loading. NG Gallery works fine in widget area (so i know it is accessing the gallery and i have the right ID), but the NextGen slideshow widget just keeps showing the spinning loading symbol.

    Also tried to insert it in the body of the page (using the next gen button on page functions), but that doesn’t work either.

    I use Firefox, but checked it on IE and it isn’t working there either. I also just updated the plugin to see if that worked – it didn’t.

    I installed WP in another subdirectory, used the same theme and installed all the same plugins. Both the NG picture list and slideshow worked on the page but then I did something that broke NG amd the slideshow stopped working. All the site’s pages are single column with the exception of an “Events” page which is the site’s post page. I added a test post to that page and then made some changes to the widgets displayed in the right sidebar. I think those changes are what broke NG. When I have the time I’m going to do another install of WP and try to replicate the problem.

    Gave up on the slideshow and used Portfolio-Slideshow instead which doesn’t seem to conflict with NextGen. Path of least resistance.

    I have EXACTLY the same issues as Crowleycreek… – fish galleries…

    Can anyone help us please?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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