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  • NextGen is installed. Only one plugin shows up. The gallerys working and the gallery in sidebar is working. Slideshow does not working in any circumstance.

    I find that swfobject.js is not in the header unless I change

    if ( NGGALLERY_IREXIST == true )


    if ( NGGALLERY_IREXIST == false )

    So this tell me that “IREXIST” is false. I thinking that “IREXIST” checking for “imagerotator.swf” “imagerotator.swf” is in plugins/nextgen-gallery, plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib, and wp-content/uploads. So I think it is every where that maybe it should be?

    I know that I need to activate the NextGEN widget plugin.

    But I think the problem is related to fact that in the Plugins page in the WordPress admin area only shows one plugin option (NextGEN Gallery.) I do not see the option for a “NextGEN widget plugin”

    So maybe this is the only problem?


    NextGen 1.2.1
    WordPress 2.7.1
    JW Image Rotator 3.17

    If can help me with this, thank you. I can make many modifications so talking technically talking is okay.

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    Bump. 🙂

    I’ll chime in here. In my WP 2.8 beta2 install, there is indeed no NextGEN widget plugin to activate, and the Slideshow widget is buggy. It is stuck in my sidebar. Yet not showing any slidehow on the site. I can’t remove it from the sidebar. If I do, it is back when I reload the widget page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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