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  • The latest update of NextGen wreaked havoc on the WordPress menu option to link or delink (buttons faded out).

    Either it allows one link per post and is removed or allows none at all.

    The workaround is to either make a word Bold and then link or Alt/Shift/A.

    But workarounds are frustrating when you have as many sites as i do.

    Definitely NextGen as it happened on 4 of my sites. Hoping for solution. Thanks.

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  • You may want to post on NGG’s forum so they’ll see it…

    @wpyogi – i just posted a general message at where they requesting errors with the latest update. I have linked it back to here.

    That’s not a good way to get help. Please start a new thread (not in Erick’s thread) on that forum if you need help. It helps keep the forums organized.

    Hi – just a note that we’re seeing this thread.

    @wickedmike: I just tried to duplicate this and I’m not seeing the issue. To confirm: you are referring to the normal “link” icon that looks like a chain link or infiniti symbol directly over the editor on the edit page/post interface correct?

    And when you have NextGEN installed, it grays that out so it’s not clickable?

    I’m wondering if we’re seeing yet another plugin conflict. I don’t know how many plugins you have running, but if you are willing, I’m wondering if we might ask you to try deactiving them – either one by one, or just all at once for a minute – to see if that resolves the issue.

    If not, that’s fine. I know that’s always a lot to ask. The other thing you could do, if willing, is send us login credentials so we can see the issue. You can send those via our bug report and it will email directly to our developers.

    Again, I know that’s a lot to ask too, so if you’re not comfortable with that, no worries.

    But in that case, we’ll need to wait for more data on this to solve it. I think I’ve seen two other users with this issue so far.


    Apologies Wpyogi but since Erick popped in i’ll respond.

    Erick, sure. I will check it out in the morning. If i fail, i’ll give you my login.

    Erick, i deactivated all the plugins and problem vanished.

    I reactivated all but Nextgen – no problem.

    I activated Nextgen – problem (as you said “it grays that out so it’s not clickable”).

    I will head to now.


    @wickedmike: If you are open to doing so, can you include login credentials so we can see the problem? It would help us solve it more quickly. If you send WP credentials we’ll be able to see it. If you also include FTP, we’ll fix for you it as soon as we diagnose and find the fix if you’d like.


    Sorry, Photocrati, i was offline. I haven’t had a response from there. Send me an email and i’ll send you the logins. I’m mike at loveknysna dot com.

    @wickedmike, did you resolve the issue? I’m having the same problem, and did the same testing of plugins and theme that you did. Have used NG for three years and generally liked it, but this is like having missing keys on the keyboard.

    Please use the correct forums for help with NGG issues:

    Thanks for the selective chastisement. Will move there.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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