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  • I am in a situation where I have nextgen running to create photo galleries, using the nextgen pro lightbox to display the photos when thumbnails are clicked.

    I use Jquery light box plugin for wordpress built in galleries when they need to be used. (need a back up here since nextgen will not pop those images the same way)

    Now I need to be able to create galleries of youtube videos. I’ve tried several combinations of plugins, and would like to use Youtube Simple Gallery plugin to handle the videos. This plugin supports fancy box for wordpress, shadow box JS and thick box to play the videos back in.

    Unfortunately, there are conflicts with shadow box js and fancy box for wordpress. I’ve tried installing these and tried a variety of settings. The closest I got to this working was using fancy box, but when I clicked a photo thumbnail from a nextgen gallery, it pops up BOTH the fancybox AND the Nextgen Pro Lightbox at the same time. When I was able to change settings to stop this, then the videos would no longer pop up and play.

    At this point, I’ve been able to install the thickbox plugin, and use expert mode to only load the thickbox code on the pages with video galleries. This works, but is not an ideal situation. This means I have 3 different lightbox plugins running, all waiting to conflict with each other. (nextgen pro, thickbox, jquery lightbox)

    I would really prefer to use the NextGen Pro lightbox for everythign. Second to that would be if FancyBox for WordPress didn’t conflict with nextgen. It really seems like the NextGen Pro lightbox refuses to play nicely with anything else, but also won’t let it’s built in features be used for content outside the nextgen system. Maybe I’m just missing something, but this is very limiting.

    It would be great if there were settings i could configure to let me display these videos with one of the built in lightboxes in nextgen or something.

    Please advise.

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  • I should add that a really ideal solution would be to be able to use an updated version of something like NGG Video Extend… but that does not seem to work with the current version of NextGen, and it’s sort of a pain to get the url strings required for NGG Video Extend’s embed method in the description fields.

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