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  • hello world! this is my first post here! first of all I like to
    thank all of you for making that place here such a fountain of
    information and contributing so much for the community!

    I am just now creating my first wordpresssite with the use of twenty eleven theme.
    its been a long a
    stoney path but since yesterday I am really stuck.
    I used the nextgen gallery to show a slideshow on my page,
    since then it kind of messed up the code.
    here is a link to the page:

    I´m using the showcase template and now it shows stuff
    that shouldnt be there and I really have no idea how to get rid
    of it again. like that:

    Zen Garden
    [Bild nicht gefunden] —>image not found

    Body-Pralinen-Massage Kommentare deaktiviert —> comments deactivated(
    Body-Pralinen-Massage Kommentare deaktiviert
    Body-Pralinen-Massage Kommentare deaktiviert
    Aroma-Öl-Massage Kommentare deaktiviert
    Buddha Kommentare deaktiviert

    I don´t know what exactly I have to change: the showcase template or settings in the NextGen plugin…I have already searched everywhere, have used firebug and the search…but so far no solution found

    any help would be very much appreciated!

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