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  • Hi, I’m using NextGen latest version (1.9.12). There’s a problem when sending a newsletter using Alo-Easymail, I have fixed the problem (quick and dirty, but it works alright), I hope a fix can be integrated back in the plugin.

    File: nggfunctions.php
    Problem: when executing shortcode [nggallery] in a newsletter using Alo Easymail it crashes, because $nggRewrite is null

    Solution: whenever $nggRewrite->get_permalink is called, check if it is null. If so, call function hack_get_permalink instead:

    ($nggRewrite ? $nggRewrite->get_permalink($args) : hack_get_permalink($args))

    function hack_get_permalink( $args ) {
    	global $wp_rewrite, $wp_query;
    	// taken from is_frontpage plugin, required for static homepage
    	$show_on_front = get_option('show_on_front');
    	$page_on_front = get_option('page_on_front');
    	//TODO: Watch out for ticket
    	$hack_options = get_option('ngg_options');
    	if ($wp_rewrite->using_permalinks() && $hack_options['usePermalinks'] ) {
    		$post = &get_post(get_the_ID());
    		// If the album is not set before get it from the wp_query ($_GET)
    		if ( !isset ($args['album'] ) )
    			$album = get_query_var('album');
    		if ( !empty( $album ) )
    			$args ['album'] = $album;
    		$gallery = get_query_var('gallery');
    		if ( !empty( $gallery ) )
    			$args ['gallery'] = $gallery;
    		$gallerytag = get_query_var('gallerytag');
    		if ( !empty( $gallerytag ) )
    			$args ['gallerytag'] = $gallerytag;
    		/** urlconstructor =  post url | slug | tags | [nav] | [show]
    			tags : 	album, gallery 	-> /album-([0-9]+)/gallery-([0-9]+)/
    					pid 			-> /image/([0-9]+)/
    					gallerytag		-> /tags/([^/]+)/
    			nav	 : 	nggpage			-> /page-([0-9]+)/
    			show : 	show=slide		-> /slideshow/
    					show=gallery	-> /images/
    		// 1. Post / Page url + main slug
    		$url = trailingslashit ( get_permalink ($post->ID) ) . $this->slug;
    		//TODO: For static home pages generate the link to the selected page, still doesn't work
    		if (($show_on_front == 'page') && ($page_on_front == get_the_ID()))
    			$url = trailingslashit ( $post->guid ) . $this->slug;
    		// 2. Album, pid or tags
    		if (isset ($args['album']) && ($args['gallery'] == false) )
    			$url .= '/' . $args['album'];
    		elseif  (isset ($args['album']) && isset ($args['gallery']) )
    			$url .= '/' . $args['album'] . '/' . $args['gallery'];
    		if  (isset ($args['gallerytag']))
    			$url .= '/tags/' . $args['gallerytag'];
    		if  (isset ($args['pid']))
    			$url .= '/image/' . $args['pid'];			
    		// 3. Navigation
    		if  (isset ($args['nggpage']) && ($args['nggpage']) )
    			$url .= '/page-' . $args['nggpage'];
    		elseif (isset ($args['nggpage']) && ($args['nggpage'] === false) && ( count($args) == 1 ) )
    			$url = trailingslashit ( get_permalink ($post->ID) ); // special case instead of showing page-1, we show the clean url
    		// 4. Show images or Slideshow
    		if  (isset ($args['show']))
    			$url .= ( $args['show'] == 'slide' ) ? '/slideshow' : '/images';
    		return apply_filters('ngg_get_permalink', $url, $args);
    	} else {
    		// we need to add the page/post id at the start_page otherwise we don't know which gallery is clicked
    		if (is_home())
    			$args['pageid'] = get_the_ID();
    		if (($show_on_front == 'page') && ($page_on_front == get_the_ID()))
    			$args['page_id'] = get_the_ID();
    		if ( !is_singular() )
    			$query = htmlspecialchars( add_query_arg($args, get_permalink( get_the_ID() )) );
    			$query = htmlspecialchars( add_query_arg( $args ) );
    		return apply_filters('ngg_get_permalink', $query, $args);


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  • Leo,

    Thanks for the above code. I have added it to my NextGEN. I still have a problem tho when I have a single image inserted into a newsletter generated by ALO Easymail. Do you have any suggestions for that?

    I think a similar thing is happening with the [singlepic] shortcode but I’m not sure how to modify the code. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


    Hi, no I haven’t checked on that issue, if it is the same problem that I fixed it is $nggRewrite being null, so make sure that you replace all occurrences of $nggRewrite->get_permalink (there are 9 in total) with the hack I added…

    if you do and it still fails, it must be another problem…

    Hey Leo,

    I’m not sure i follow what your saying. Are you saying in the functions file I should find all occurances of $nggRewrite and change it to get_permalink?

    Sorry, I’m a bit new to the coding part of this stuff and I’m just trying to work my way through it.

    each time it says:


    replace it with

    ($nggRewrite ? $nggRewrite->get_permalink($args) : hack_get_permalink($args))

    if the args to the get_permalink function are different, you must keep those. Example

    $nggRewrite->get_permalink(array('name' => 'hello'))

    replace it with

    ($nggRewrite ? $nggRewrite->get_permalink(array('name' => 'hello')) : hack_get_permalink(array('name' => 'hello')))

    and so on…

    Thanks Leo!

    I completed this, but I still have the same problem with single images. I will have to try to dig into it a bit more. The single image shortcode doesn’t seem to have the nggRewrite function in it.

    My problem is, it doesn’t send the test email (I get the red “x”). If I hit send now, it will tell me all have been sent successfully, but in reality, nothing gets sent.

    If I can figure it out, I will post here. If you happen to have the same problem and figure anything out, I’ll keep monitoring this post.

    Thanks for your help so far!

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