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  • randykepple


    WordPress up to date? YES
    NextGEN up to date? YES

    (please confirm the following, with your server host tech) :
    MySQL up to date (5.2.4)? 5.1.65-cll
    PHP up to date (5.0)? 5.3.18
    The mod_rewrite Apache module activated? YES
    PHP Safe Mode OFF? YES
    Memory usage : 37.31 MByte

    and if you’re willing to share:
    Who are you hosted with? Westhost (best tech support in the industry)
    What theme are you running? ProPhoto Blog
    Which plugins do you have installed and activated?
    Does this error still occur if you switch your theme to the WP default, and deactivate all plugins except NextGEN Gallery? (*be sure to clear your browser cache and reload your site after deactivating)

    We’ve been using NextGEN for years on our collaborative blog: We have 15-20 contributors that post daily images and it’s been a wonderful tool to help us give each contributor an easy way to manage their database of images without affecting anyone else.

    Additionally, it’s been great because when someone uploads an image that’s too big, it automatically scales it to the correct size on upload. And when someone leaves, it’s an easy way to migrate their images to an archive account.

    However, over the years, we’ve noticed a huge demand on server cpu and memory. Mostly from the dynamic processes that happen with NextGEN. I’ve written a lot to this forum over the years, asking for help to no avail.

    Seems that every 48+ hours, our server account is being throttled due to server overages (cpu and memory). We’ve been working a very long time trying to discover what’s causing the issue. We know it’s not WP or any of the other plugins we’re using. Everything comes back to NextGEN. We can’t disable to test since that shuts down our site.

    Further, we honestly don’t use more than a fraction of the tools available in NextGEN. The ONLY features we use are the image database for each person and the short code function for posting.

    We don’t use the slideshow, I’d love to turn off the lightbox feature and disable the clicking to bring the image into a single window, just have them display inline at size. We don’t use ANY of the other options.

    It would be nice to have a ‘LITE’ version or at least a version that allows you to disable the features you don’t use. What I’m going after is a lean, mean plugin with very low overhead on the server. Small amount of code and stripped down to the bare bones.

    Is there any way to do this?


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  • Just ran another plugin check this morning:
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – 0.0072 sec – 1.19%
    Akismet – 0.0045 sec – 0.74%
    Cron View – 0.0012 sec – 0.20%
    Nextgen Gallery – 0.5735 sec – 94.06%
    Pinterest “Pin It” Button Lite – 0.0062 sec – 1.01%
    Q and A – 0.0171 sec – 2.80%

    This plugin is killing load times on our site and destroying our CPU and Memory on the server.

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