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  • Contrary to the view of ‘esmi’, who closed the last thread on this subject, it is NOT resolved.
    The close, next and back buttons are not working in the lightbox gallery display. I have verified and corrected every single address in advanced settings for all of the effects and yet NextGen persists in looking for these buttons in localhost rather than the site url. I have obviously cleared the browser cache, used other browsers etc etc. I have the latest installation of everything and have reinstalled NextGen.

    It’s very annoying when you’ve spent ages searching the web to find threads closed by over enthusiastic mods.
    I don’t want to be playing around with php fixes for basic problems. I regard the issue resolved when the plugin itself sorts out the issue for you, or doesn’t cause it in the first place.
    I have no idea how to fix this problem. I can’t work with geek solutions unless they are spelled out exactly in easy to follow steps.

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  • Previous thread here

    Hi there!

    I’m certainly no expert on NextGen because I have actually never used it, but I did see that very recently (and maybe you’ve seen this, too), the plugin author has addressed a similar issue HERE.

    They acknowledge that there have been some issues with links breaking when migrating sites (for some, the Reset button doesn’t seem to work for some reason) and suggest for users to send them a Bug Report/ticket so they can look into the issue for you.

    I tried the reset button and the buttons are now showing. However when lightbox gets to the end of the gallery it’s showing, it then goes on to the next gallery, and would happily go on to show all the other stored photos. This is not what you want.
    Any of the other effects – Fancybox, highslide etc – the images flicker and become momentarily transparent as they change, which is very disconcerting and not good. They do however stop at the end of the gallery.

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