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  • A seemingly simple ask, which probably means it’s not, but I currently have NextGen set up so that each gallery page uses the nggallery id=x shortcode. You get thumbnails first, to click on for large versions and you can click back to thumbnails.

    What I’d ideally like is large images (image browser) first with the option to go to a thumbnails page. I don’t want to use the slideshow option.

    The imagebrowser id=x shortcode gets you the large images first, but there doesn’t appear to be a built in option to get to a thumbnails page using it.

    The quick and dirty fix would be to use the nggallery id=x shortcode and set up links to the gallery pages with a ?pid=x at the end of each URL so that it goes directly to a large image first, bypassing the thumbnails but retaining the ability to see a page of thumbnails.

    Is there a more elegant way of achieving the same thing without messing up the URLs?


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