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  • I’m using the NextGEN Gallery plugin (1.9.3) with the default Twentyten theme (I’ve removed my child theme temporarily). Everything works fine on the desktop. With mobile devices, when I click on a thumbnail image in the gallery, the enlarged image appears as it should, taking up about half of the width of the screen (as it does on the desktop). But, when I click the << or >> button to scroll to the previous or next image in the gallery, instead of seeing the next/prev image the current image zooms way in so all I can see is just a corner of it. If I click the << or >> again, I see the next/prev image, but still at very large magnification (the same magnification I just described).

    I’ve tried switching to the new Twentyeleven theme, but I’m having some other page layout problems with that (only on mobile). Twentyten renders much better on mobile than Twentyeleven (except for the aforementioned problem) which is why I’d like to make it work with Twentyten.

    I strongly suspect the problem is in style.css for the theme, or in the ngggallery.css or shutter-reloaded.css. I’m very good with CSS, have looked at all three of these files, but can’t seem to put my finger on it.

    Again, this is happening ONLY with mobile devices.

    Has anyone else had the same or a similar problem?


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  • Here’s an update…

    I have the following <meta> tag in my HTML:
    <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width” />

    According to everything I’ve read about mobile, this is the optimum specification.

    Also, I’ve noticed that on certain mobile devices (I’m using the Opera Mobile Emulator for testing), the data on the screen renders at less than full screen width when I use the default Twentyeleven theme (default Twentyten renders full screen). If I specify a @media query of width: 100%; on Twentyeleven, no change. If I specify a hard @media query of 480px on Twentyeleven (which is the mobile screen width), then the data renders at full screen width – of course, this is NOT the way to code it as it may cause problems with other mobile devices. I’m not sure if this is related to my initial problem, but it’s one reason that, for the moment, I’m trying to make this work with Twentyten.

    Another update…

    I’ve tried using a different gallery plugin – Cleaner Gallery instead of NextGen – same problem – whenever the << or >> is clicked, instead of seeing the next or previous image, the current image is redisplayed at a very high magnification.

    I looked briefly at the HTML and javascript code – onclick is being used whenever the << or >> is clicked – I’m thinking the problem could be javascript related.

    I wonder if the actual uploaded image size might be part of the problem, and that the resizing that occurs is at least contributing to the problem.

    Any thoughts?

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