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  • any one know hoe to add breadcrumb nav to NextGEN without yost??
    any breadcrumb at all, anyone?

    Anyone? I too have hit the wall with trying to get some kind of breadcrumb working with NextGen – I just need to be able to show albums and galleries in the breadcrumb.


    I’m looking for a breadcrumb functionality for the NextGEN Gallery plugin i currently use. Sofar without any luck.

    I tried Breadcrumb NavXT, but it only shows the galleries / albums you put on a new page.

    The problem is, if you have an album page, and click on a gallery shown in it, it doesn’t open up the gallery in the page you added&linked it to, but opens it up inside the album’ page.

    The functionality i’m looking for can be seen on this page

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    I found an answer to my problem for having a breadcrumb functionality on my site.

    I overlooked 2 settings in the NextGEN Gallery settings menu:

    Step 1. Activate Permalinks: If you check it, it actually means that a gallery in an album will be referred to the page you linked it to and will not open in the same page as your album. Same goes for subalbums i think.

    Step 2. Deactivate gallery page link: If you leave it unchecked, the gallery or subalbum will not open up in the parent album page, but on the page you linked it to in the Gallery > Manage Gallery > Click on a gallery > Page link to: OR Create new page.

    These are 2 rather confusing options. But i might have read it a couple of times to fast. So 1: checked; 2: unchecked.

    Step 3. Ofcourse you will have to link your album/gallery to a page to have the above 2 steps work.

    To do so: Gallery > Manage Gallery > Click on a gallery > Page link to: OR Create new page.


    Hope this helps other people who want a breadcrumb for their NextGEN Gallery.



    Forgot to mention that I successfully use Yoast breadcrumb for the above explanation.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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