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  • I am running WordPress MU and have installed the NextGen Gallery plugin using the “Network Activation” and it seems to be working. But the default gallery directory is in “/wp-content/gallery”. I want each blog to have a separate “gallery” folder in “/wp-content/blogs-dir/%blog-id-#-here%/files/gallery” instead.

    In the “Super Admin –> NextGen Gallery settings” I have put the following under the “Gallery Path”


    Is this incorrect? I have also seen some sites in a google search that suggested editing the “admin/install.php” file and changing the “gallery-path” line (I can’t find the exact code right now).

    How can this be fixed?

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  • I got the same problem.
    the gallery-folder gets created on the host site in wp-content/gallery/
    I work with several domains and I think the picture-folder should be created in the domain specific blog id folder to work properly.
    using the %BLOG_ID% parameter failed on my setup.

    WP: 3.0
    NGG: 1.5.5

    Thanks for any help with this.

    Same problem here. Maybe wp 3.0 change something?

    WP 3.0
    Gallery 1.5.5

    I’m having the same problem and it seems to have crippled 30 plus sites. I get a path error.

    Directory wp-content/gallery/ didn’t exist. Please create first the main gallery folder!

    Every user gets this. No change I make fixes the problem.

    Am I missing some thing? I want each users gallery to be inside their unique blog id.

    Can we get a response from the creator?

    i need a solution too! =/

    Has anyone found a solution to this problem? As a new WordPress admin, I’m a little surpised that this isn’t affecting more people.

    The plugin require some work for WPMU / Multisite support. You should not use it right now, I will look for it tillthe next release. You can folllow the status here :

    Also having a problem.

    Although the path seems correct. Any blogs created after the 3.0 upgrade cannot create new directories, rendering the plug-in useless for now.

    for example:
    Create a new , empty gallery below the folder wp-content/blogs.dir/9/files/

    if you write in a directory name, nothing happens.

    Like many users, “not using it” right now is difficult. I have 20 students ready to start new blogs on Monday. Would hate to have to uninstall this great plug-in.


    OK, follow-up to my issue. If I deactivate and then reactivate 1.5.5 for my new blogs (it was active when the blogs were created from a template) it *does* seem able to write new directories.

    HOWEVER: Uploading images, no thumbnails are created, no errors, just doesn’t work.

    A blog created BEFORE the 3.0 upgrade seems to still work fine. The new blogs have issues.

    I have played with this some more.

    If I code in the proper directory by hand (in options), it acts as though it’s working.

    I can create directories

    It *thinks* it’s uploading images. Goes through the whole process and then fails. No images are uploaded into the directory.

    However, it *will* upload a zip file and create a directory for those images.

    Fails when you try to add more images.



    Sort of a solution.

    Disable the flash uploader and it seems to work, one image at a time.

    Does anyone know how to apply this patch?

    Dorian Vasco


    Even if the automatic path in the network settings do not apply to galleries of my blogs, its possible to set the path manually. Upload and thumbs work fine but the only issue is that on my dashboard the size of the pictures isnt shown.
    Is there something I can do about?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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