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  • Currently I am using the WPSC Buy Now Button for the Nextgen Gallery using the Thickbox effect and it’s sad to say I am stumped on this one.

    When you right click and download you’re downloading a blank webpage, which is cool except you can still drag and drop in Safari to the desktop (I heard IE can now do this too) and it defeats the purpose of forcing people to buy the source image/hi res file.

    This is a project for a client who benefits from the powerful Nextgen plugin by uploading a hundred or so event photos within minutes and resells them to local publishers – hence WPSC.

    The client actually has other plans for the WPSC such as membership subscriptions, future integration with Campaign Monitor etc. but the issue is he didn’t want to have to upload each individual image as an individual product + grid view.

    What solution/alternative is there? I’ve tried a few other plugins and these are the best except for this one serious issue.

    Other issues are adding to cart etc but I think we can live with the Buy Now button for now.. any ideas?

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  • hmmm yea this is an interesting one, so the thumbnail image is the high-res image? Im not too sure about the functionality of nextgen plugin,,
    one possible solution would be to put the images in a members only section that way they have already paid for a subscription? but not the most ideal solution will have a think

    Here is a link to the problem at hand:

    As you can see, when you click on an image, it opens up the thick box, when you drag and drop the smaller images it downloads the thumbnails, but when you drag and drop the main image displayed, you’re actually downloading the high resolution wallpaper.

    or u can right click on thumb and open to a new tab
    i don`t know how your magazine works but there is an integration of simple paypal shopping cart, with that u cand add to cart one or 10 pictures and then hit the check out button
    if u want to protect your images its simple, dont upload high resolution images just some 640×480 for prewiev, when u get the paypal confirmation mail the costumer a link to a high rezolution image
    this example is for eStore plugin, i`ve tried with simple paypal shopping cart and it works just fine

    good luck mate

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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