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  • Using NextGen-Gallery 1.7.02 with Highslide Effect: When I try to add three images to a gallery with 35, it adds many more images than the 3 I wanted to upload to replace 3. I think it added 35 (the three, plus duplicates of every image that was originally in the gallery). I have long captions on the images and tags. The newly added images could be distinguished from the original ones in the Manage Gallery screen because they did not have custom captions or tags. I deleted the 35 images I had not wanted re-uploaded and managed to replace the three images I wanted to replace without uploading 36 extra images.

    The gallery is on

    The same problem happened when I selected “Scan folder for new images.” There were no new images in the, but it acted as if there were.

    One possible reason? I developed the site with the IP address and account, The site is under the domain to the server,, I have not changed the path on the the Manage Gallery page.

    I tried to do that, and it broke the gallery.

    I want to replace other images, but don’t want to have to go through uploading dozens of extra images and then having to delete them.


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  • I tried to do the upload with the basic uploader rather than the Flash uploader and the problem did not recur. So it is definitely the Flash uploader that has the bug.

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