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  • nextgen-gallery plugin issue

    importing meta data gets hebrew (utf8) description as “??????”
    i was using version 0.84 before and it was working fine.

    also, clicking a picture opens the picture in a new page and clicking it again opens it with thickbox effect.
    before the upgrade, the first click on the thumb would open the image with a thickbox effect. is this a new feature ?

    thanks for your great work 🙂 what a beautiful plugin 🙂

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  • About EXIF : I didn’t changed anything here, are you sure that it worked in 0.8x series ?

    About Thickbox : Please check for Javascript errors

    i found out that :
    $meta[‘caption’] = $pdata->get_META(‘caption’);
    ( in get_MetaData )

    is reading an iptc tag that has no encoding and is pure ASCII
    and it has exactly what i see “???? ?????? ??????” in the first place.

    and that it is not getting to the point in the code where it can read EXIF data (i think)

    // defined order XMP , before IPTC and EXIF.
    if ($value = $this->get_XMP($object))
    return $value;

    i checked the original image (jpeg) with exiv2 and it has all the data in it.

    i just can not figure out the name of the tag i can set in:
    $meta[‘caption’] = $pdata->get_META(‘????’);
    the get the UserComments from the EXIF meta data and not the IPTC meta data section.

    any ideas ?

    btw, i read that IPTC is only ASCII (in the specs!) very sad to know.

    Uhh, that bad , I thought IPTC is more future proved… you can comment out the IPTC line, so EXIF will be used instead

    the exif support i had was a patch i did on version 0.6??
    before you had meta data support.

    i wrote to you about it in :
    (look for nadavkav post)

    i am considering to revert to that patch since i am unable to read those exif comment even after i disable iptc read 🙁

    i read in the php manual that :
    has some reading issues ??? maybe i am experiencing some of them 🙁

    see quote of some of the “exif patch” post:

    get PHP Metadata toolkit from here :

    install the toolkit folder under wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery
    ( i called it jpeg-exif-tlkit )
    now, edit the file admin/manage.php
    add some includes upfront

    define(’ABSPATH’, dirname(__FILE__).’/’);
    $Toolkit_Dir = ABSPATH.”wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/jpeg-exif-tlkit/”; // Ensure dir name includes trailing slash
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘Toolkit_Version.php’; // Change: added as of version 1.11
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘JPEG.php’; // Change: Allow this example file to be easily relocatable – as of version 1.11
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘PictureInfo.php’;
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘EXIF.php’;

    and around the “rescan folder” lines 163~
    change the lines that add new pictures to the database as follows…

    foreach($imageslist as $picture) {
    //echo WINABSPATH.$gallerypath.”/”.$picture . “:\n”;
    // Retrieve the header information
    $jpeg_header_data = get_jpeg_header_data( WINABSPATH.$gallerypath.”/”.$picture );
    //Output the JPEG Comment
    //$picture_description = Interpret_Comment_to_HTML( $jpeg_header_data );
    $picture_description = get_jpeg_Comment( $jpeg_header_data );

    $result = $wpdb->query(”INSERT INTO $wpdb->nggpictures (galleryid, filename, alttext, description, exclude) VALUES (’$act_gid’, ‘$picture’, ‘$picture’, ‘$picture_description’, 0) “);

    that’s it 🙂

    now exif comment are read when new jpeg files are inserted into the database.

    thanks again for this beautiful plug in

    Hi Alex and Nadav,

    I have the same problem and can’t actually use the plugin with hebrew (not talking about the admin menues, that’s fine).

    All of this information comes up as question marks when uploaded\updated in hebrew:
    file names
    meta data\exif
    alt text

    also no thumbnails are available.
    I’ve read nadavkav’s update but couldn’t implement- is it possible to get the re-written admin.php file by e-mail and I will only change the plugin directory name for the PHP exif plugin?

    Have a look into your database, which charset have the nextgen-gallery tables ?

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