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  • I’m using Nextgen to display thumbnail galleries of artwork on my website. I will be adding a lot of images to the galleries, so I thought it might be a good idea to limit the number of images per page to encourage the pages to load faster. I tested this by setting the gallery options to display 12 images per page and then I viewed the gallery page to see if it worked. Page 1 displays fine; however when I click the page “2” icon or the forward arrow to move to page 2, I am direct to a “page not found” error page instead.

    I read about this problem in the forums, and saw that some people had solved it by resetting their permalinks to default structure. This does allow the gallery pages to display properly, but makes for really messy-looking permalinks on pages, so it isn’t a viable option for me. I also found this thread from a few years back; it says that you can get the gallery page-loading to work by resetting permalinks to default, and then returning them to your desired settings afterward. I’ve tried this a couple times and cleared the cache afterward, but it doesn’t seem to work…the gallery just goes back to malfunctioning when I change my permalink structure back to the way I want it.

    Is anyone else still having this problem? Is there anything else I can do to fix this? I would appreciate any help I can get on this. You can check out the gallery problem on my homepage here. I am working to format my website, but I’ll try to leave the gallery set this way for a while so that people can see the problem I’m referring to.



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  • Ok, upon further experimentation, I’ve realized that this problem seems to be specific to my homepage. When I put the same gallery on one of my other pages, it displays properly, and I’m able to click through to the second page. So why is this only happening on my homepage?

    I still cannot figure out how to fix this…the same problem was described in this other thread recently.

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