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  • I am using the NextGen Gallery plugin on my site Yesterday I noticed that the images in the slide show; eg on the front page, appear cropped when viewing the site with my favorite browser, Firefox. This wasn’t always so, and they still look fine in IE and Opera. I think the problem started when I upgraded to Firefox 3.0.8. Grateful for any suggestions how to fix this!

    Many thanks


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  • After some further investigation, the issue appears to be a compatibility issue between NextGen Gallery and FF 3.0.8. I just fired up my old computer which sits around unused and still has FF 3.0.1 installed. The site displays perfectly on that machine. Hoping for Alex Rabe to respond 🙂

    If you do Alex, NextGen is a super plugin, and I have been using it for years! Hope you can get it to work with the new FF!

    To give some further detail, the images I am using for the front page slide show are 490px X 300px. Images I use for slide shows on other pages are mostly 800px X 533px. The display size is 450px X 280px. I have set this latter size as ‘default size’ under gallery/options/slideshow as well as in the tag used for the slideshow:


    As far as I know, the re-sizing for the slide show should be controlled by a parameter ‘stretch image’ under gallery/options/slideshow. This parameter can be set to true, false, fit, and none. So far I had it set to ‘true’, but I just tried out all four values, and it has no effect on the look of the slide show in either FF or IE.

    Many thanks


    If they are cropped now with FF / latest flash version, I’m not able to help you, because I’m not the author of the slideshow or adobde flash itself 🙂

    Hi Alex,

    Many thanks for your response. I am using the latest version of FF (3.0.8.) and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player ( In FF 3.0.8 the front page looks like this:

    In IE, Opera, and older versions of FF the front page looks like this:

    If it was for the front page only, I could simply re-size the images to the display size and be done with it, but I have about 60 galleries on, and more on other sites I am running. Maybe I am making more out of this problem then it is, since it affects only users of the latest version of FF, and even there the gallery view is still ok. However, the slideshow view is horrible in FF 3.0.8, and I have always aimed for the site to look best in FF. Even if you can’t help, can you suggest anything I could do or anybody I could contact?

    Also, I always thought the parameter ‘stretch image’ under gallery/options/slideshow should control if the image is downsized to fit the slideshow in slideshow view. However, if I set this parameter to true, false, fit, or none makes no difference to the appearance of my slideshows in either browser. Do you have any idea why that is? Maybe there is something wrong with my site after all?

    Many thanks


    i hope you don´t mind, but ive taken some screenshots, just to show you that theres no issue for me with FF3.08. Pictured are in front IE8 and FF in the back runing on XPSP3. Flash 10.0r22. Strange.
    first three thumbs on page pics will be removed again shortly.

    best regards

    Hi bee dudler,

    I don’t mind at all – to the contrary, many thanks for taking the trouble to do this! I am also using Windows XP, and have installed SP3 just a few days ago. Identical operating system, browser version, and flash version – and the site looks perfect for you but not for me. It’s a mystery to me! I think what I’ll do it re-size the images for the front page slide show so I can be 100% sure to avoid this vexing issue in this critical location. I won’t worry about the other slide shows on the site, since the issue is less obvious there and the images are initially in gallery view. Few people will ever switch to slide show view there.

    Viele Gruesse nach Deutschland von einem Deutschen in Ohio. Bee dudler = Imker? Mein Vater is Imker in Deutschland:

    i still do not understand that too, it would be interesting who of us both is in the majority with the appearance..

    Schoene Gruesse zurueck nach Ohio, und nein ein Imker bin ich nicht aber ich mag Bienen – was wäre die Welt ohne sie.. und Honig liebe ich.

    best regards

    Just for the record, I reformatted all images in that gallery to 450px X 280px; that is exactly the size in which they are displayed. I was sure that would fix the issue, but it does not – FF 3.0.8 still makes the image larger and then crops the bottom right corner off. A mystery to me!


    hey there,

    I too am having the same problem it is infuriating. Any other ideas?

    nothing more on this. shame…I have the same problem – spending days of the my life searching forums.

    I’m having the exact same problem… has anyone found a way around this?

    It sounds like a CSS problem to me.

    Hi I have similar but not exactly the same problem. I think probably is from the same reason.

    My slideshow in firefox is not centered, but is ok in IE.

    I wonder if anyone can help?

    Willkemp, if it is CSS problem, what can i do to fix it?

    Thanks for everyone’s time and help.


    shiris, it looks ok to me in Firefox 3.5

    Hi Willkemp,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I really appreciate it.

    This is weird. I tested on three computers in Firefox 3.5 at my end, but still the same. I just noticed that the problem is not the images in slideshow are not centered, but the slideshow width & height in Firefox are larger than my request.

    The following is the Firefox screenshot compared to IE : –

    Firefox :


    Weird. Yet, I am happy to hear that it looks ok at your end.

    Ummm….what to do next?

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