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  • Hi there, hopefully Alex will be available to see this post quickly!

    I had a look back through quite a few posts for NextGEN, to see if I could sort this without duplicating a thread, but couldn’t see anything. Also, I’m running out of time so I need to get this sorted as soon as possible!

    I am using the plugin, (which is fantastic by the way) to develop photo galleries on a client site. He has one such gallery which he adds to daily, with a photo of the surf at his beach on that day. I have been creating this gallery manually for him up to now!

    I have recreated the gallery with the plugin, no problem. I would now like the latest photo for each day to be show in the sidebar. The size however, needs to be larger than thumbnail size (it needs to be 307w x 173h). However, when I set the sidebar widget to display qty 1, Original Images, it just breaks the image that gets displayed in the sidebar. It works fine when I set it to display the thumbnail, but because I am upscaling, the quality is no good. Here are the two image links that are hard coded by the two methods:

    widget set to display ‘original image’:

    widget set to display ‘thumbnail’:

    As you can see, the thumbnail path is what I would expect. I have no idea what is happening when I ask for the original.

    In case it might be related, when I am uploading my images, using the plugin uploader, I am getting some possible error messages when converting to thumbnail, although it causes no problems for the gallery pages, they work fine. The actual thumbnail creation error message I am getting is:

    # ID 185: A failure occurred

    indicating that the error is ‘1’?, not sure if this is an error or not?

    Hope someone can help, I have a really short timescale to go live with the site, & this is one of my last things to crack!


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  • Bump! Need to get this sorted if anyone can help?

    I’m going to have to sort this for now by making my thumbnails at the unwanted larger size so that it will work in the sidebar, then forcing them to be smaller for any actual thumbnail grid.

    This should work although it’s going to muck up the look of the images in browsers that don’t render scaled nicely, as well as slow down the load time. More importantly, the plugin is still not working as intended, so if anyone can help it would be great!

    I’m guessing it is because it is the weekend I am getting no response!?

    I’m also having an issue now, when even if I use the thumbnail method, it will not allow me to change the thumbs below a certain size? I am entering a width for the thumb, then when I move to the heght box, it just bounces back to the width box & enters that value in the width box instead. Basically, it will not let me enter anything in the height box.

    Any ideas? Any help much appreciated!!!

    Maybe I’m not using the forum properly? Is this thread in the correct section?

    I’m feeling a little rejected that no-one wants to talk to me!

    Is three days a long time to expect an answer, I’m really not sure? I’m still in the Sh%t with getting this looked at but this is the only way I can contact the plugin developer.

    Thanks once again!

    have you seen that one seems to be the same. Sorry i cant help but problem seems to have been reported to Alex so thereĀ“s hope for a solution at least i guess.

    best regards

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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