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    After the latest NextGEN 2 update, I found my album thumbnails were all being resized, and they were linking to a new dynamic folder. This caused all sorts sorts of problems that could not be fixed with CSS, as I then ended up with pixelated thumbnails!
    I have a client coming to view the site on my local server this afternoon so have re-installed the previous version.

    Before I attempt to update the plugin again, can anyone else confirm what was happening and how to fix it?

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  • Okay I was never aware of the new tabs….. ;-( If i do it via the tab it will adapt the sizes.

    But does that mean that I need to re-add all my galleries to my pages to get them on the right size and on the right templates?

    I am still using shortcode like this [album id=1 template=extend]

    Please tell me there is another way to do this???? I’ve got almost 200 galleries/albums

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @baspisa – You can set a default thumbnail size for all extended albums under Gallery >> Gallery Settings > here:

    So if you added those other albums via shortcode, they should adopt the default size.


    Hi Becky, that is the whole issue, my short code entries are not listening to that setting. I will keep trying to find a sollution.

    Hello people. Becky: In brief, the issue regarding the incorrectly php hardcoded dimensions is still not fixed, right?

    The site with the NGG album size issue can be seen on

    Using the compactbox, I’m unable to hard-code a larger thumbnail as @photocrati instructs above. I edited this code to make the album thumbs bigger:

    // legacy templates expect these dimensions
                $image_gen_params = array(
                    'width'  => 240,
                    'height' => 180,
                    'crop'   => TRUE
            else {
                // use settings requested by user
                $image_gen_params = array(
                    'width'     => $displayed_gallery->display_settings['thumbnail_width'],
                    'height'    => $displayed_gallery->display_settings['thumbnail_height'],
                    'quality'   => $displayed_gallery->display_settings['thumbnail_quality'],
                    'crop'      => $displayed_gallery->display_settings['thumbnail_crop'],
                    'watermark' => $displayed_gallery->display_settings['thumbnail_watermark']

    I also tried editing the css as @baspisa suggested. I was able to make the thumbs larger and not display the white margin, but I could not get the gallery titles and page text below to go further down the screen, so I gave up on that.

    make some changes in adapter.nextgen_basic_album_controller

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @psytanium – The next (beta) release of NextGEN Gallery should have the option to over-ride the album thumbnails as part of the interface. You will not need to modify the code to change them (and yes, I also saw that recent versions of NextGEN Gallery are not recognizing the changes we were suggesting … our apologies).


    – Cais.

    @photocrati thank you for your efforts, so when i update the plugin i should restore the file ? or the update will overwrite it automatically ?

    @photocrati When will the next (beta) release be available and how can one be notified of its release? Is there nothing that can be done in the meanwhile to enlarge the album thumbnails and hide the white borders? Thanks.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @psytanium – Yes, the standard update method employed by WordPress will over-write the entire NextGEN Gallery installation files and folders so you will not need to worry about restoring the file yourself.

    @ingenuity – Feel free to keep an eye on this page for future release news and details:

    Although we do not have a current ETA for the next (beta) release we do hope to have it out very soon.

    – Cais.

    Hi, I’m having the same problem with

    I want the thumbnails to be bigger.
    In the Setting/Media/Thumbnails they are set to 200×200
    In the Atahualpa theme options they are set to 200×200
    In Gallery options I’ve over ridden all the thumbnail settings I can find to 240×180.
    I’ve regenerated the thumbnails after every change.
    Have I missed something or is it a problem with the plugin?

    @tumptyteapot, as I understand it, the problem is with the plugin and it pertains ONLY to the thumbnails for albums. You should be able to resize the thumbs for the gallery. For the album thumbnail problem, the only resort is to roll back to an earlier version of the plugin or to wait for the next beta or full release of the plugin. If that is not correct, I hope someone will please explain to us both.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @tumtyteapot – The link you provided resolves to a 404 page … but from what you are describing it appears you have taken the correct steps to change the thumbnails for a gallery. Have you checked if this is a theme related issue?

    @ingenuity – Album thumbnails will be an option you can work with in the next (beta) release.

    – Cais.

    thank you @photocrati sorry about the 404. I’ve managed to get the thumbnails to 240×180 on the main gallery pages but not on the menu page
    I’ve gone through every setting I can find setting them to 240×180, including on the theme.

    I tried to find that php mentioned on this thread in order to change the code…. but I don’t have it. At least I can’t find it anywhere in the editor through wordpress.

    I really need to find a solution to this same problem…. my preview images look really bad – all pixelated.

    Another problem I’m having is the h4 area is very small, so a title that is longer than the hard-coded width goes to the line below… which looks silly because I resized the compact box area in the css, and there’s room for the title to be on one line.

    If someone could please help, I’d really appreciate it!


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