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    After the latest NextGEN 2 update, I found my album thumbnails were all being resized, and they were linking to a new dynamic folder. This caused all sorts sorts of problems that could not be fixed with CSS, as I then ended up with pixelated thumbnails!
    I have a client coming to view the site on my local server this afternoon so have re-installed the previous version.

    Before I attempt to update the plugin again, can anyone else confirm what was happening and how to fix it?

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  • I updated my development site to see what the effect is and in my case, the thumbnails being shown by the album shortcode were smaller than my defined thumbnail size. This wasn’t the case in the older version where it showed the right thumbnail size based on how I configured it. Not quite sure how to fix it either so I’m holding off from updating.

    That was my exact problem too. Back with the previous version and everything looks as intended!

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    Hi – To clarify the issues here: the two of you were both defining custom thumbnails sizes for albums from within shortcodes, and those were not being honored?

    No. Sizes for thumbnails were set in the Options, and I also used max-width and max-height in my CSS to prevent client overrides.

    Same here — thumbnails were set in Other Options. Set 200×200 Default thumbnail dimensions and “No” to Set fix dimensions. What comes out instead is a cropped 91×68 thumbnail (my original album image has portait dimensions).

    Didn’t use max-width and max-height in my CSS in my case.

    I’m having the same problem. In album-compact.php I’m trying to edit the src from <img src=”<?php echo $gallery->previewurl ?>” /> and replace previewurl with the path for the image thumb inside the gallery, but it doesn’t work. Do we have a variable that we can call for this?


    I am having the same issue. Has anyone found a solution?

    I just downgraded to 1.9 and now it works fine.

    Anything new to this? Beside many other minor problems, I’ve got exactly this one too.

    Same issue…
    As well all the galleries, that have no preview image, are not displayed at all, so i can edit about 500 galleries an set a preview image

    I edited adapter.nextgen_basic_album_controller.php
    Around line 153 I inserted my width and height.
    But this is only a little workaround. With next update this settings will be gone, I suppose.

    I have the same issue with album thumbnails and I look forward to get a proper resolution.


    Same issue here! I am changing the thumbnail size in the NextGen Settings.
    My thumbnails for the Gallery pages update no problem.
    BUT the thumbnails in Albums stays at 91×68.


    Many thanks for the quick fix!
    It worked for me.

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    Hey all – it’s obvious from this thread that we’re doing something that is over-riding your specified album thumbnail sizes. My understanding of the issue here is that your album thumbs are ALWAYS the same size right now (91×68) rather than abiding by the thumbnail size settings you’ve specified in the options.

    If I’m misunderstanding that, please let me know.

    Otherwise, I’m wondering if anyone here would be open to submitting their WordPress and FTP credentials so we can look at what’s happening and resolve this? If so, please submit here:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)
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