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  • I’m completely lost with this and I definitely need help, so I’ll bump this topic.

    i need help with this too, please.

    I’ve added the tag “nextgen-gallery” so the plugin author may respond, as was said on

    Out of the blue, all my galleries have been replaced with “Rendering of template gallery.php failed”. I am running NGG 1.2.1 My site is

    Please reupload all files and check also the permission of the plugin folder nextgen-gallery/view

    Oh, what permission is it supposed to be?

    I have 755 for the nextgen-gallery/view folder.

    I may have broke this when I had to change my file permissions for my blog because I kept getting 500 Server Errors.

    And thank you for this fast reply.

    i tried deleting and reloading the nextgen plugin. still the same error “Rendering of template gallery-extend.php failed”… also permissions are all 755 which i think is correct. what gives? please help.

    this is the code i am using. as you can see the first gallery works. the second does not.

    [nggallery id=1]

    [nggallery id=1 template=extend]

    I get the error “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted”

    “nextgen-gallery/lib/ngg-db.php on line 429”

    Have you the same failure with the wordpress default theme ? Please disable all other plugins for a test

    I deactivated all other plugins and it doesn’t work still.

    I thought this would be the case because it stopped working at a random time without any changes.

    Where is this error made? What file? I’d like to see if I can find any cause.

    the file to render the output is view/gallery.php, if you want to use a template , the you need to have a gallery-extend.php file. See here for more info’s :

    Okay, in lib/core.php where the error is made, which I found, I altered the error to give debug information. I replaced the render function with:

    function render($template_name, $vars = array ()) {
    foreach ($vars AS $key => $val) {
    $$key = $val;

    if (file_exists (TEMPLATEPATH . “/nggallery/$template_name.php”)) {
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . “/nggallery/$template_name.php”);
    } else if (file_exists (NGGALLERY_ABSPATH . “/view/$template_name.php”)) {
    include (NGGALLERY_ABSPATH . “/view/$template_name.php”);
    } else {
    echo “<p>Rendering of template $template_name.php failed</p>

    template_name: “. $template_name;

    Now I get:

    TEMPLATEPATH: /home/users/web/b2863/d5.godofgod/public_html/frd/wordpress/wp-content/themes/fluid-blue-10
    NGGALLERY_ABSPATH: /home/users/web/b2863/d5.godofgod/public_html/frd/wordpress/wp-content/plugins//hermes/bosweb/web286/b2863/d5.godofgod/public_html/frd/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/
    template_name: gallery

    So the NGGALLERY_ABSPATH is completely, bizarrely wrong. Where is that constant defined so I can fix it?

    I recommend others try replacing the function and see what they get.

    i tried the original wordpress theme + no plugins on. still BROKE. anyone have any ideas? sounds like it never worked stock without changing code?

    Try what i suggested to see what you get.

    I’m going to look for that constant in a little while.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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