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  • Just started using wordpress and finding it really easy to use.

    I have a problem with nextGen gallery, when I insert a gallery in a post and save it it leaves a long gap between the end of the text and the first of the pics in the gallery, anyone have any ideas?


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  • In IE6?

    How does it look in Firefox, Opera, IE7?

    I have the same problem with firefox


    im having the same trouble also, anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried my site in Firefox, Opera and Konqueror browsers with the same result everytime 🙁


    Have you guys looked into the CSS code? Maybe there’s a case where there’s extra padding being added around some tables.

    Yeah ive been poking around a bit but not really found anything :s I’m going to post on the creators website and see what happens


    Problem solved, you need to remove all the clear:both references from the css… u were right, I just wasnt looking hard enough!


    I am having a similar problem where the NextGEN gallery in the current post shows up just below the vertical position of the sidebar. In all the other posts, the NextGEN Gallery is in the correct place relative to the text, but the first post for some reason has a problem. Check it out:

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Okay, I was too quick to post that question. I found the CSS that tr33mrn was talking about. You have to edit the CSS of the plugin itself, not the theme CSS (duh!). Go to plugins > nextgen-gallery > css and do a find for “clear:both;” remove those styles and the problem should be fixed.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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