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  • I installed nextgen gallery v. 0.95 plugin in wordpress 2.5.1 but keep getting this error “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.” when trying to do slideshow. I tried imagerotator v 3.16, 3.15, and 3.14 but none of those solve the problem.

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  • Check the FAQ

    I am not sure if I did it right or not. I changed index.php under the root of wordpress folder. I added wp_head(); to the last line so it looks like:

    /*Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    Now I can see the effect, picture showing in the center of the browser with background gray out and also ‘next’, ‘prev’, and ‘close’ under the pictures. But I still get the same error message when click on slideshow.

    @brokentv – you actually need to put that in the file located here:

    and it needs to be located before this bit of code:

    Cool! It’s all good now! Thanks for your help!

    I just upgraded to WP 2.7 and updated my Nextgen Gallery to the latest version. “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..” message is being displayed instead of a slideshow now.

    Alex, you suggested in a “resolved” thread: Disable in the gallery options -> slideshow “Try XHTML validation”
    This was already unchecked in my settings, so I checked it and unchecked again, no change.

    Any further ideas?

    I would go back to an earlier version of Nextgen Gallery if nothing else works, but how can I without accidentally deleting or harming my galleries?


    Example link with problem:

    Enable in the gallery option, the slideshow, then it should work again

    Thank you, Alex! That was simple 🙂

    i’m getting the same message, except it’s not the slideshow but the ngg-flashviewer – simpleviewer.swf addon that is causing the trouble. i have since gone back to the simple gallery viewer until i could try to fix this problem.

    i have wp 2.7 ngg 1.0.1 & nggflashviewer 1.2 – i never had trouble with it until i upgraded all of the above (which i did all at one time). i have the wp_head tag in the <head> already. i’m not really sure what else to try.

    I’m having the exact same problem. Upgraded to WP 2.7 a week ago with no issues. It was only when I did the autoupdate for NextGen that my slideshows disappeared. The templates have not changed and I’ve updated the gallery database etc. still the same error: “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.”

    I think this errors happening because of next gen using an older version of the swfobject.js than another activated plugin. I overwrote next gen’s copy with the new version from the other plugin and everything went back to normal. yaay ^^

    I’m having exactly the same problem, and I’ve tried everything to get it to work, and nothing is working. I cant believe that after all this time, nothing has come out in the form of any help. Seems like a lot of people are having the same problem, I would gladly pay a donation if I could get this to work, as I really like the plugin.

    I have this problem as well! “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.” Coming from NextGen Version 0.98 and did the automatic upgrade to 1.0.2.
    I’ve now downgraded back to 0.98 and it works perfectly again. Alex, your help is highly appreciated as of course I would like to use the new features of this great plug-in.

    Just been looking for 0.98 version, but cant seem to find that version, it goes from 0.97 to 0.99, do you have 0.98?

    I have the same problem as brokentv. I’m running a 2.7 with the newest version of NextGen. Alex, you said check the FAQ but I don’t know where to find the FAQ. I’d like to add the code that brokentv did, but I don’t know where to add it

    Also, tried what did and that didn’t work either

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